Would like Birthday emails

Can you please add a way where we can enter contacts' birthdays and have a birthday email automatically go out to them on their birthdays? Or at least create a way where we can send out birthday messages simply without having to create a custom list for each day?

There is an option that could be done using our API features (some of our partners and customers have done this already).  Using our Email Campaigns API and our Email Scheduling API (limited access, please DM for more information), you can create an integration that provides this functionality.  The flow would end up being something like this:


1. Create a custom HTML/XHTML "birthday" template using your favorite HTML design tool (make sure to test it out through the Email product to see how it looks in various email clients)

2. Use the API to create a "birthday" list - most of our customers do a monthly birthday email and not daily to keep reporting and flow simple, but that's up to you and your customer

3. Create a campaign using the HTML/XHTML you used in step one and associate it with the list you created in step 2 using the API

4. Schedule the email to be sent out on the correct date for your birthday emails (limited access API, DM me for more information)


This flow would emmulate a birthday auto-responder type feature.  This flow assumes you have the ability to filter your customers contacts based on a birthday that is stored somewhere.  Hope this helps.




I really need the ability to create multiple autoresponders for different lists. There is another service that does this and I am seriously thinking of switching just for that feature!


Thanks for the questions and feedback on Autoresponder! A number of autoresponder improvements have been high on our backlog of feature changes for quite some time but have been deferred in favor of features that benefit a larger set of our customers.  Features like social sharing, our new color picker, contacts enhancements, and insert video.  


The good news is that we are always listening to our customers and your feedback and input in this forum, as well as all other input channels, will have a direct impact on determining which feature enhancements will be worked on next.  


So, keep the input coming!  What other enhancements would you like to see besides the ability to have multiple series? 




Mike Karampalas

Product Manager




Hope ya'll figure out this auto-birthday thing...I have over 600 customer birthdays and growing monthly.

I believe Facebook is working on it as well.   Their quick success could negatively impact yours.




Hi Bill,


I've added your feedback to our system that our company watches for new features for our customers.  I'm also trying to get more information on this. It still shows as "Under Review".


Thanks for letting us know people are still interested in this feature! Hopefully, I'll have more information to share soon.




Hi Bill,


As Mike mentions above, this is definitely something that is under review and high on our backlog of features.  We appreciate your feedback on this and your voice is being heard. We are always looking for ways to improve our product and hope you can continue to provide us with features you find important.


Thanks again!

Regular Participant

It has been more than 6 month since CC said that this feature is under review. anything new?




I wish I had more information as to when this will be available. Currently it is high on our backlog of features we would like to add. As soon we hear anything regarding Birthday/Anniversary emails we'll be sure to let the Community know.



Super Participant

Six months.  Ha, a rookie suggestion.   Some of the best improvement suggestions have been on the list for a few years.


I had a request to do this from my car club client and decided to manage this myself off line with a custom signup form.  Not fun but manageable.


I have had to make some concessions though, like sending out a " Happy Birthday month" greeting. We collect the signups to a separate database first then sort the birthday month, upload,  then merge to a collection of 12 different lists.  Managing this on a day  to day basis is far too difficult with out programmatic control.


We get about a 60% open rate with these personalized mailings so the job is worth it.


Great request but history says its going be around a while. :smileysad:




Has this feature been implemented yet? If not I'll try DaveBerard's method.

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