Spring Refresh Sweepstakes — Enter for A Chance to Win Big!


Update June 1, 2018: The Sweepstakes is now closed. 


THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for participating!!! We hope you love the new features and that they help you achieve your marketing and business goals. If you've seen a change in your results due to using these new features please share it with the rest of us! We'd love to hear about how these tools work for you and share that feedback with our teams so we can continue to improve upon our service. Thank you in advance!


Please read:

Winners will be randomly drawn and we will notify said winners within the next two weeks. Make sure the contact email address on your account is up to date and that you have access to it as we will send the notification there. 


Want to maximize the results of your email marketing? And have a chance to win big? Continue reading to learn about our Spring Refresh Sweepstakes and how you can win!18-0100 MP_Small Biz Week_Community Sweepstakes SOPS r7_community-landing-page v2.png

Ever get the nagging feeling that your email marketing is stuck in a rut? It’s frustrating, isn’t it?


It's time to break free! Spring is all about new beginnings, so let's refresh that email template and put it to work for you.


Did we mention you've got a chance to win one of the following prizes?

  • Grand Prize- $1000 American Express Gift Card
  • 1st Prize- $750 American Express Gift Card
  • 2nd Prize- $500 American Express Gift Card
  • (2) 3rd Prizes- Email Strategy Consultation ($399 value!)

If you’re a small business owner or nonprofit, free time is not a luxury you can enjoy often. When every minute matters, wasting time creating an email that doesn’t help your business or organization can hold you back.


That’s why we developed the Third-Generation Editor. From deep customer research, big data, competitive analysis, and — yes — a lot of customer feedback, we took our time to understand your biggest marketing challenges. Our Third-generation editor is designed to help small businesses and nonprofits easily create engaging and compelling emails that look professional on any device.


So, are you interested in entering the Sweepstakes with a powerful, new email created in the Third-Generation Editor? We certainly hope so!


Here's how to enter the Sweepstakes:

  • Create a new Third-Generation email campaign using Click Segmentation and one of the following features: Read More Action Block, Personalized Subject Lines, or Social Share Bar.
  • Send your campaign to at least one contact.
  • Copy the Short URL and post it here as a reply to this Sweepstakes Post for one entry.
  • Share the campaign via Social Share using the hashtag #CTCTSweepstakes for a second entry.

Please read the full Terms & Conditions here.


If you haven't used Click Segmentation or the Social Share Bar before — don't worry! Let us explain how these features work and can help you succeed with your email marketing.


  • Click Segmentation - Send people emails they’ll really want and get better results with targeted emails. Our segmentation tools empower small businesses and nonprofits with an ability to easily identify and group like contacts in order to send only the most relevant emails that deliver big results. Your email contacts likely aren’t all alike and want different messages depending on their needs. Segmenting them is an easy way to improve results, drive more business and keep customers happy.
  • Read More Action Block - Wondering how to make a newsletter that drives action? It comes down to using two simple words: “Read more.” Why? If your business or nonprofit is in the habit of sending jam-packed newsletters, filled with updates, articles, and tips — you might be unintentionally turning your readers off. Rather than overwhelming your subscribers with text-heavy emails, add Read More blocks to let readers quickly skim your emails and find the topics that interest them.
  • Personalized Subject Lines - A lot goes into crafting the perfect subject line. The subject line of your email is one of the first impressions someone gets from your brand, especially when you’re sending them an email for the first time. That’s where personalization in email subject lines comes into play. Are you on a first name basis? Do you know what their interests are? Using what you already know about the customer in your favor should be your No.1 priority while sending marketing emails.
  • Social Share Bar - You can make it easy for your contacts to share your email on their social media pages by including branded buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When your contact clicks on the button, they'll be prompted to log into their social media account so they can share your email in a post to their social media feed. The clicks are also added to the Email Details page and to the Reporting tab, so you can see which of your contacts are the most socially engaged.

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