15 minutes with support before they admit it's a known issue on your side

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Nice NASTY red banner saying I have a past due balance and need to update my payment method...except my payment method is fine, since you dinged it just 5 days ago...Fifteen minutes on support with a rep who is looking in the wrong account, does not have the best mastery of the English language and knew the whole time that there's a bug in your billing system throwing up this error...except it took 15 minutes of my time wasted before he admitted it was a known issue that you all had been experiencing for several days. I love how much respect you show for my time and my money. Billing was the last competent department on your side, even that is now suspect...


Hi @user513211

We apologize for the experience you had with our Support but thank you for your feedback. We do have offices all over the world, including in the US and abroad. We regularly review a number of things to ensure a consistent experience between support agents. While both the phone and support quality should be the same regardless of the agent you connect with, we will pass along this feedback to the appropriate teams.

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