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Hi,  I just have a comment that constantly pushing the AI generated tools on my main page is annoying. AI is not something everyone wants or even wants to hear about. I take hours to write our newsletters because we genuinely connect with our followers through human emotion and caring. We are a church. I find the idea of having a bot write our emails completely disrespectful to our contacts/followers. I realize AI is exciting to some people but there are a lot of writers and artists that find AI to be inauthentic and not in integrity with human connection. I have no problem with the tools being available for those who are unable to write. But I do have a problem that it's the main feature I see every time I log in to my Constant Contact. I can't even remove it, or click "not interested". I never will use it and I just want to share this as a gentle reminder that not everyone finds AI to be impressive. I'm certainly not impressed by a bot writing a newsletter and I would unsubscribe from any that were written that way.

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Hello @T.O ,


Thank you for the feedback. For the flyout that shows when you immediately login, unless your have something regularly clearing your browser's cookies (such as always logging in incognito/private mode, or as a device security setting), you can just click the X on this flyout and it won't show again.


The bit at the top of the welcome page after logging is just there to highlight the newer tool, but is otherwise easily scrolled past and not present on other pages within your account. Eventually, as we've done in the past when we want to highlight a different tool of ours, the current welcome page banner will be replaced. If you're particularly concerned about seeing this highlight of the AI tool, then you may want to navigate directly to the Campaigns page when going to our website: 

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