Ability to CC / BCC when scheduling

We need a BCC feature for the account to send a copy of every individual email that goes out for SEC government compliance. It must show the actual email content and the actual recipient's email address too. Example: If an email goes out to 20 people in a list, then 40 individual emails go out. This is a must for our industry (anyone dealing with investments and the banking industry)


I was looking to see if this feature is available. It's a shame you took 2.5 years to move to "gathering information" whatever the heck that means. What is an alternate option?


Hi @SIM-Detroit 


Sometimes low number of tracks from other customers and the prioritization of other ideas can cause us to not have a time estimate of when a feature will be available. In this case, the idea was marked as gathering information as we continue to collect requests and further details on why a user might need this feature. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this idea, but we do want to indicate some awareness that we have heard the feedback and are continuing to do some research on this to see what we can do. For now, we leaving this idea in our new Gathering Information status and encourage users to vote or comment for this idea if this feature would be useful to them as well.

Campaign Contributor

I would like to revisit the idea of being able to visibly "cc" (carbon copy) another recipient in an email campaign sent via Constant Contact.  Please note that I have already reviewed this thread from a few years ago:




The reason for needing to visibly CC someone on an email campaign is that in the organization I work for, email communications sent to youth members must follow "2-deep" rules for adult leadership. Thus an email being sent from one adult to one youth member is not considered compliant with this policy. Even understanding that every recipient is essentially "BCCed" - and one could argue that another adult was effectively BCCed on the same message - there is no way for the recipient or the recipient's parent to confirm this or see who that adult was (by way of seeing their email address.)


I realize that this may be considered a niche case, but it is one that is very important to our organization.



My firm needs the CC function on emails for two reasons:

1. Log email based marketing for compliance reasons. We are required to keep copies of every email we send to clients and prospects.

2. Multiple employees are involved in relationships, so we need multiple people copied on an email with a client or prospect. 


I am unsure why CC has not implemented this feature. It seems pretty basic and would have widespread benefits to its users. We will have to move to another email provider if this is not fixed.


We are in the finance industry as well and would like the BCC feature added.


The reason we need this is because a lot of advisors work with a dealer/broker and it is the dealer/broker that is requiring us to do the email send reporting because of SEC rules.  So the dealer/broker requires us to either manually report these email sends via a portal to their server or to use a BCC feature to one of their hosted reporting email addresses.


Come on CC get with the times, I've been waiting for you to implement this feature for over 3 years now.  How long does it take to gather information?  The ironic part is that CC is one of just a few bulk emailing platforms that our Dealer/Broker will allow us to use.  You have many financial advisors and other industries that require this capability to help fulfill compliance reporting responsibilities, yet the request seems to fall on deaf ears.


I love your platform for a lot of reasons, but this continued lack of response to make this request a viable option is for is quite frustrating to say the least.


CC Dev Team, Make this happen already!


I would love to be able to BCC my entire mailing list as the mailing list does not need to be public. Any idea when this might be a usable upgrade? 

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