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We need a BCC feature for the account to send a copy of every individual email that goes out for SEC government compliance. It must show the actual email content and the actual recipient's email address too. Example: If an email goes out to 20 people in a list, then 40 individual emails go out. This is a must for our industry (anyone dealing with investments and the banking industry)

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @JeffB56366

Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us with this idea! I will be opening this idea up for voting so other users can vote and share their experience as well.

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Without this feature, we face a potential fine from the SEC into the 10s of thousands or possibly more. Other providers like Constant Contact offer this. Our firm does not want to move to another provider, been with Constant Contact for around 10 years. The BCC feature will fix this and keep us from leaving Constant Contact.


Has there been any progress on a BCC option?  I, too, need this for HIPAA compliance.


Hi @SherriB45. When emails are sent out from Constant Contact, the recipient will only see their email address in the header and they are not able to see who else was sent the email. Does this help? 


The BCC option is to archive each individual email sent to an address. If I send an email to a prospect I need a copy of it saved on our compliance server and not yours.

The BCC tool is a critical feature for compliance in many industries. It's really surprising that Constant Contact has not made this correction. 


Can you recommend any archiving services that work with Constant Contact?


Hi @FirstNameL25351 while we are unable to recommend any specific third-party programs, we can suggest taking a look at our Marketplace  for any plugins that may fit your needs. Users also have the option of archiving emails directly in their account. How does this tool not fit your needs for archiving?

Because we work in the finance industry, our compliance rules require us to report all email correspondence we have with both clients and prospective clients. We use Constant Contact to handle our bulk sending needs. Because we must report all emails sent plus add a list of recipients to those emails, this becomes a time consuming and tedious task each week because it must be handled manually. What we would like is to have the ability to add one of our hosted email addresses as a BCC recipient on all emails sent from our Constant Contact account. We're hoping by adding a BCC hosted email address to all emails sent, that by sending a copy of those emails to the BCC'd address that it would help meet compliance reporting requirements.
I would like to have my birthday email campaign copy me on all emails sent so that I can have a heads up that someone might mention it when we talk. I don't like when I'm surprised to hear it is their birthday and they point out that I emailed them earlier that day about it. I don't see anywhere on the campaign that I can copy myself on birthday emails.
Status changed to: Gathering Information


Thanks for the insight on this request, it’s been helpful. We’re doing some research on this to see what we can do. For now, we are moving this to our new Gathering Information status and encourage you to vote or comment for this idea if this feature would be useful to you.

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