Ability to Edit Text Version of Email

Here's what one of my contacts just said about Constant Contact's Plain-Text email:


"The minute I opened the year-end message, I saw that yet another of

the 501C# orgs that I support is being disserved by Constant Contact.

"Their disdain for your email results in me getting the message 
reproduced below. For security reasons I use a text-only mail reader.
Constant Contact sends multipart-alternative messages supposedly to
provide plain-text mail in addition to pretty HTML. But the way
they extract plain text would draw a low grade in a freshman
computer-programming course: simply run together all the text
parts of the HTML. Any beginning programmer could do a better job
with a few hours work. Their dereliction reflects badly on
their customers."


I've been searching the community pages to find out what happened to plain text. I feel like Constant Contact should put the plain text option and capability back because it is an ADA accommodation for folks that are DeafBlind or with vision disabilities. Plain Text is not just for security purposes and it is really frustrating that I moved our agency (Government) to a platform that doesn't support plain text as an option.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

This has gotten to the point where I'm looking for a new email service.


It seems that with each "upgrade" we lose functionality that we've had for years and their competitors offer. Half a decade of getting forum updates about other people as frustrated as I am makes it clear that our priorities are not shared by Constant Contact.

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