Ability to add background image to individual blocks

It would be nice if we could put HTML text on a layer over an image.


I vote yes!! Please add this feature.

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Yes! It would be nice if this post could get more traction and more votes. This should be a standard feature.


YES! This would be so helpful. Or at least let us change the image on a template (like the Thanksgiving Event one with "Let's all share a table" text overlay). That has text over the image that you can move around and edit. 

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Please, Constant Contact! Help your community. I got totally derailed by your Thanksgiving Email template that seemed to allow adding live HTML text on top of the image, except the image is irreplaceable.  My entire office and the big clients that we're serving and who use your platform have been asking for this feature. We all vote yes!!!!!!

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It's been two years, any updates on this issue from the Constant Contact team?

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Another 2 years - come on now.


I second the requests made by community members earlier - it would be great to be able to add background images to individual text boxes to make them stand out. Particularly for the headline and text at the beginning of the newsletter - if there is a pleasing image that appeals to recipients they are more likely to read the email. 


Could someone from the Constant Contact team update us on what is happening with this? Is this being considered? Is it possible? Thank you!


Hi everyone,


We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect the status of the idea with our engineering team. At this time we do not have a time estimate of when this feature will be available. Though can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on the idea we do want to indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and are continuing to collect both requests along with use case examples. In fact we're interested in knowing if users want a single background image behind the entire inner area of the email? Or want to be able to add background images to individual layout blocks?

Status changed to: Gathering Information
Status changed to: Acknowledged
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