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Ability to connect Twitter profile for social posting

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Are you working on Linkedin and Twitter too?

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Hi @MelissaC107! Are you referring to the new social monitoring tool (aka the Social tab in the main navigation bar in your account)? If so, yes we are looking to add Twitter next! I'm not certain about LinkedIn, but I'll try to find out for you as long as we're referring to the same feature.

I would like to see the use of more social platforms available, such as Twitter and LinkedIn.
Do you feel it will be useful to offer Linked in promotions too, and twitter?
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I want to add LinkedIN

Are there plans to improve the functionality of Constant Contact social?  Adding Linked In & Twitter.  Adding a minimal text editor?  Allowing for photo placement, instead of default view?



Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @JohnLScottLynnwood. Our Social Share tool does have the ability to share to Twitter and LinkedIn. Were you asking about Social Posts? In both instances, there isn't the capability to do text editing or adjust how a photo is displayed as this is determined by the social network you are posting to. What type of text editing were you looking for?

Thanks for your response.   When I select social/add social profile my only options are IG and FB, where can I add Twitter & LinkedIn?


As far as text editor, when I was creating a post for FB, I couldn't do anything as simple as making a word bold or Italic, or manage how the photos were displayed.  Both functionalities w/i FB.


Thanks so much!


Hi @JohnLScottLynnwood. So it does look like you're talking about the Social Posts tool. At this time, it will only post to Instagram and Facebook but we've heard from other customers like yourself that they'd like to see more capability with this tool, including posting to other platforms. I'll track your feedback on this request. 


When it comes to the text editor, we don't have the ability to edit text in any social sharing option in our product but I think it's an awesome idea to help your message stand out (admittedly, I forgot that there is some text editing capability when posting through Facebook). This is a newer tool and we're very open to ways to improve it.

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Good news. We just implemented a Twitter integration that is live now. LinkedIn will be coming next!

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