Ability to copy automated email to email campaign

It appears impossible to copy the content of an Autoresponder Email so that it can be used as a regular email. I was told by Constant Contact Chat that I would have to create a new email; from scratch. Very Inconvenient!


This is great feedback, thank you for sharing. 

Status changed to: Voting Open

We have been advised to create separate campaigns for event registration and the email which serves as the invitation.  Embedding the URL for the registration campaign in the email invitation campaign is a manual process that is time consuming and often does not work properly.  Please fix this!

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For the last 30 minutes I am trying to copy a specific email into my new autoresponder series and I can't because there is no search field and the "last modified" function doesn't really fetch the last modified emails first... We have thousands of campaigns - we have organized them in folders for easier navigation but when I want to create a new email in an autorsponder series, I canNOT use my internal folder organization to navigate to the desired email. I need to group emails new to old, old to new, last modified, or alphabetically, and it STILL does NOT show the email I want to copy because apparently even though it was the last created and modified, because it is in an old folder, it probably is somewhere in the list of thousands of available campaigns. Super unfriendly user experience - Constant Contact has turned into a time wasting machine, very hard to navigate and ultimately, cannot do what I need it to do. Introducing a search field to search for a specific email to copy by its title, for example, would prtially fix this problem. ~Diana
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

We now offer the ability to copy an email in an autoresponder series into a regular email campaign. Thanks for the feedback!

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