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Ability to edit HTML in email campaign

Arghh not dig'n it. How can I view a new account in the old editor? The new editor is like the new social social sharing tool... a wicked drag.


We're considering different options to help with finer-tuned editing. Code view is a great way to provide flexibility, and is the leading feature in this conversation. Thanks for your vote on the topic!


@PWOWadmin We've made some updates to this edit experience, including image resize capabilities. If you have a moment to do so, please try it out again and let us know what you think!


@tritontwo We're also considering updated solutions for code editing/importing to create your own mobile-responsive emails via html and css.

Campaign Collaborator

I'm echoing support for HTML access in these templates.


Yes, of course it's problematic -- some people will mess themselves up, thwart the structure of the responsive code, then complain to you that it's not working.


Perhaps two levels of access are needed -- a more WYSIWYG default, and an Advanced Editor link for those with coding skills and the need for finer-grained control?


Any way to have access to the html coding in the new templates? Love them but feel the need to tweak certain things in html.
Campaign Expert
Add in access for HTML. Please. There are very very simple changes I would like to make. Perhaps since this is a mobile piece that has been eliminated. Sick of sub par templates.
Campaign Collaborator
Is there a way to add a block of HTML to emails?
Campaign Collaborator

I just posted about this, but will delete that and use the voting function along with my request here to add a way to get some code in the emails. (Another comment, then, is to perhaps add a search box or a link to this page to the "Feedback" form in the editor so that I can check on whether the issue has already been brought up. Thank you!) ETA: I couldn't see a way to delete my original post!

Campaign Contributor
A much improved system but the subject items are required in the full solution.
how do I get at the source code?? I couldn't figure out how to create an Anchor with the new tools, but I know how to write one in HTML.
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