Ability to edit HTML in email campaign

Arghh not dig'n it. How can I view a new account in the old editor? The new editor is like the new social social sharing tool... a wicked drag.


Your new editor is terrible... Seriously, you can't really customize anything, you don't know how many pixels any image is your can't add images into text fields, you can't, you can't and you can't. What the heck were you thinking? I may need to use a zap and stick with ... constantcontact or constantlyshootingyourselfinthefoot HOW DO WE GET THE OLD EDITOR BACK????

I like the new "mobile friendly" templates. I was wondering if you plan to add a source code button? Or more social media options? If so, great! If not, those are suggestions. 🙂
Campaign Contributor
Is it possible to edit the templates in html?
I think you guys need to make an option to adjust the space between pictures and text. I know I can place a spacer. But if i just want to remove space from the template pieces it doesnt allow.
on the new update i can't find the HTML button. There is always this white space at the top on the email - and when i put an image its VERY evident. so i can't remove it now because i have no capability of doing so.
The formatting box covers up too much of my email so I can't see the rest of my email while editing text in a content block. The old interface had a smaller editing toolbar that didn't cover up so much of the email while editing. The formatting box no longer offers the option to access the html code -- please bring back this option. We sometimes have to access the html code to clean up code garbage or to adjust the padding on just one side of a picture, or other tweaks that we can't make without accessing the code. Please provide the ability to globally adjust font, font size and font color for the entire email -- in your new interface we have to do it for every single text block individually. Please provide the ability to change the alignment of a picture from left to right without having to re-do the entire content block with a different layout. On the sign-up form, when we add an image or our logo at the top, it's tiny and we're not able to re-size it to make it bigger. Please fix this so we can make the logo or image at the top of our email sign-up form larger.
Campaign Collaborator

I am so incredibly disappointed in the new editor. You've stripped out almost ALL the functionality. I am lucky that my current account is still in the old editor but I viewed the new one when I set up CC for a new client. I can't make the email look anything like we want (had to have support set it up for me 3x.) When I try and change the font from 14 to 12 the lines get all squished and there is no option to increase line spacing. When I got to support they say play with the font. Well how? The only option is to go from 14 to 12 (no 13) and there's no option for changign the line spacing. No HTML editor to go in and fix it that way either.


This is like using !! I've spent years telling client that CC is far by the better option for B2B and now you are downgrading eveyrthing that made your option so much more appealing.


PLEASE recognize that while this interface might be great for beginners or people who need very basic editing -- there is a HUGE group of  users that are far more sophisticated and need more design control. If this becomes the de facto standard and there is no HTML I'll move to or . PLEASE don't make me do that.


I'm new to all of this and am astounded that there is no way to access the HTML code. All I'm trying to do at the moment is change the default linespacing in a text block. This should be a simple coding task, but I can see no way to get it done beyond creating the entire thing using code. I'd like to be able to start with the CC blank template and customize from there, but without access to the code... kind of perplexed here.


Is there still no way to insert a HTML snippet? This is a must-have for me. Any way to switch to an 'older' editor?

What happened to the code ?
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