Ability to grab URL from document to insert into image as 'clickable link'

I frequently upload PDFs into Constant Contact, which I also create an image from.

The image gets inserted into the body of the email, and then is made "clickable" so that the recipient can click the image to open the full resolution PDF.

I like that i am able to upload the PDFs and then create the images right from the upload procedure. 

However, the piece that is missing is the ease of entering the URL into the "clickable link".  

To do this, I have to open Constant Contact in two windows - one for the email I'm working with and the other for the Library.  I have to toggle back and forth to capture the URL from the document in the library instead of just being able to search from the library and use it.

I would like to suggest an option in the "Make a Clickable Link" box to be able to search for and use a document from the library.

I can send you a screenshot if you need more info.

Thank you,

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

 Hi @Marisa_M, thanks so much for the feedback! This is actually a feature in our Next-Generation email editor, which is now enabled on your account. You can access it by creating a new email in your account (as opposed to copying an old one). Additionally, here is a link to a video walkthrough on how to use the Next-Generation Editor.


Please let me know if you have any further feedback or questions!

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WOW talk about instant gratification... THANK YOU!!!  I am liking what i see... GREAT JOB!!! 


Totally agree.  Not sure why we have to ask for this!


Found it!  

Why didn't you say where to find it in your answer?!

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