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I insert photos in every e-mail we send (we are an event florist).  Sometimes I have to create a collage on another site then upload it because the layouts in Constant Contact don't allow for cohesive photo sharing!!  Would love an option to insert a photo collage or slideshow to showcase our floral designs :smileyface: Thanks for the consideration!:smileywink:


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Thanks for the feedback everyone! We're going through the process of updating the statuses of all our ideas in hopes of making it more clear where features stand in the product pipeline. There are no immediate plans in the works for this, but we recognize and have done some preliminary research into this request. We found that many of our customers were already using Canva to create their graphics, which influenced the decision for the Canva integration. This should make it easy to create and use collages, but we're still open to feedback on whether this is enough or if there should be more exploration of a feature like this. Please continue to comment and provide any use cases that would be helpful. 


what's the status on this? Still doesn't look like you can do a slideshow. The integration with both Canva and Vimeo have been great, but a slideshow would be absolutely fantastic!


Is there an update for having an automatic carousel moving in the email? I would love to have a slideshow automatically playing without having to go the extra mile and make a gif - too time consuming. 


Hi @Sommerp18. Introducing a slide show feature within the editor is not something that is being worked on at this time or on our roadmap for a release in the near future.


This feature is most necessary! Please offer this option to let us continue using Constant Contact as our default email management program. Thanks!


Yes please


Another option to reach this goal is to create your collage in another program and save it with the correct file extension, and then upload the completed image (flattened collage) into an image box in CC. Good luck, Lisa K.

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I saw from looking at prior responses that Constant Contact did not yet have an option to include carousel images (rotating image gallery) in emails as of 2022. Curious if that option is now available or planned for future implementation?

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