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Hi appreciate the new changes however from the My Campaigns page when you click on the thumbnail to preview your email we use to be able to see the subject line and the email in it's entirety now you cannot. Also, I wasn't aware of a the new format where the subject line is pre-populated for themes nor the pre-populated preheader. While I get the use of it, if you are not quick to catch (like I did) I sent something out to my clients that I did not want them to see. Perhaps you can change those fields so that instead have Field Instructions: Optional instructions that help the user fill in the field but not fill in the field for the customer. Also can you bring back the subject line in the preview that way you can catch any errors on the subject line. Thanks

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I agree that this is an issue - not showing the subject line means that I can't do any last-minute checks, and if I want to see what subject line an old email had, I have to send a test version to myself. It would be more usable if the subject line and "from" fields appeared in the campaign preview screen.


Unfortunately it's a pretty common issue with CTCT they always seem to take one tiny step forward and 2 giant steps back. Sometimes they skip the tiny step. They also really don't care about power users.

The new preview mode does not display the email Header, so the subject and from lines cannot be reviewed once in the preview screen. This is very inconvenient and denies the one last chance to check for errors before sending/testing.
I just reviewed the preview window (on new/current campaigns - see my previous message on old campaigns) and I notice their is no preview of the subject line. This is a little unbelievable I'm pointing this 'subject line stuff' out this far into your business.
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You'd think this would be a simple interface edit - add {field} to the preview screen, Not sure why it's taking so long to do and why we need to vote on it... It just makes sense and was there before it got taken away! PLEASE add this back, Constant Contact!! 


You have some issues. One of which is when you are away and the page times out and the popup says "are you still working?" Clicking on that still let's you edit but NEVER saves those changes unless you login again. Any work you do is always wasted time and it makes it too easy to think you did something but in actuality it did not "take".


If you click on "Are You Still Working?" you need to consider making people log in every time. This has cause me confusion several times thinking changes were made that later don't show.


Mostly that's OK as I catch them in the preview - but the Preview does NOT SHOW THE SUBJECT LINE - your software developers can easily fix this - this has embarrassed me twice now. Maybe that's my fault but you could improve your product by making sure EVERY ASPECT of the email is shown in the Preview so this never happens.


Don Campbell

Better Business Bureau of Greater East Tennessee



It would certainly be much better if the subject line was in the preview.  I'm always nervous that my company name personalization in the subject line might not appear, so I always make a copy of my campaign, and send to a contact list I have set up just for the purpose with one contact.  That way any subject line personalizations will appear in the test message.

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Hi all. With the introduction of our CPE editor, the subject line and preheader are visible when on the Preview screen.




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yeah, now if you could only make that editor work in Firefox, we could all use it, instead of only some of us.


Hi @rcppubs23


We're sorry to hear you may not be able to work in your account as easily as you should! In fact we can see you have shared your feedback on this through the different request threads. We will reach out to those threads with any further updates. In the meantime, please feel free to comment or vote on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see.

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