Access to More Web-Safe Fonts



When can we expect more access to Google Fonts? has added more Google Fonts to their font library, and it would be great to have more fonts available, since Google Fonts have made "web safe fonts" a thing of the past.



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Hello, I see that this was implemented but do not see how to add Google Fonts to my emails. 


Hi @EmilyS60. We have installed select web-safe Google fonts within the editor. You can find these by clicking the Font dropdown menu when editing your email. Additional fonts cannot be installed at this time. 


What are "web-safe Google fonts"? To the best of my knowledge, there's no such thing. There are "web-safe" fonts and then there are Google fonts. If you are not scripting a call to include Google fonts in the email, then  there is no guarantee those fonts will be shown. If this is the case, then the implementation is worse than not using them at all.


If you want to deliver "web-safe Google fonts", then you will need to call them via a script in the email. That's the only way to guarantee they will appear. Can you please do that?

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YES - add Google fonts please CC!


Why is this closed and flagged as implemented? I second adding Google fonts alongside repeated requests for font sizes.

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