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I recently deleted a bunch of lists that no longer had active contacts in them. I accidentally did not select the feature to delete these contacts completely from constant contact, mainly for the free of them also being deleted from another list that they may be on. So now I have a TON of contacts in my "Active" contract list that are not actually "Active" and my list is too larger (15,000+) for me to try and figure out who is active and who is not. A great feature to try to help this would be in the active list showing what lists each contact lives on and being able to sort your contacts based on lists they are one, thus showing any individual that does not live on a list, so you are easily able to just delete those contacts that are not on any lists. So in the end, I am not paying for contacts that I am not using, but I am also not deleting contracts that are still active.
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

I am sorry to hear of this confusion. An easy way to resolve this woulud be to export all of your contacts and include list name. The contacts who are not part of any list will show a blank field under "list" in excel. You could narrow down the file to just these people and then upload them to the account in order to unsusbcribe them.

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