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We should be able to have more than one criteria of each type to create a segment (i.e. I should be able to create a segment that targets people who meet BOTH of these criteria: were sent any of the last 5 campaigns AND Opened one of the last 10 campaigns.

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We’re updating the status of this idea to Under Consideration while we look into adding NOT and IS BLANK operators into segment creation. This would allow for more flexible uses of segments. There will be other criteria considered, so we still encourage everyone to share their desired segment use cases below in the comments. We will keep this thread updated with progress, it will likely still take some time before we’re able to fully tackle this one.

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Hello @BlaineWindowHardware,

Thanks for reaching out with this idea! Currently with segments you can do list A or List B ( are you just looking for the opposite and?) Would you be able to tell us what the segment that you were trying to create was and what you wanted to use it for? 2019-08-16_16-50-39.jpg

Thanks for your response.  I would like there to be the option to do an "and" or an "or" when adding a list.  Since we can't select multiple segments, I was trying to add a list to the segment to include the individuals in that list.  Once I selected the list, it automatically puts an "and" completely is the opposite of what I want.Screenshot for CC Segment Suggestion.png












What I am trying to accomplish is to add all the contacts in a list to the segment criteria, but that isn't possible as it is doing an "and" which makes the names in the list to be included with the other criteria.  Hope that makes sense.


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we notice that there is a major difference in the behaviour between our readers using desktop and mobile devices to read the email. Thus, we like to segment by the criteria of device used. can you help to advise how we can do so?

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Hi @user7149. While this option isn't currently available in our Segments feature, I'll track this feedback for you. 

This is awful. I cannot segment based on emails older than a certain range. I cannot segment a list based on belonging to another list. I'm better to segment in excel and upload new lists for every purpose.
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Hello @Albany. Thank you so much for the feedback about our Segment feature. How far back were you looking to pull data from when adding a criteria section under Contact Activity? What criteria were you using?


Also, for segmenting "a list based on belonging to another list", could you explain this more? Were you looking for an AND option so you could filter contacts who belong to two lists or maybe filter those who belong to one list but not another? Any examples you could provide here would be very helpful so I can send it over to the correct team.


1. We wanted to create a segment to omit those that received the last monthly email, so timeframe of 1 month. We want to apply 2 criteria: "those on a list" AND "didn't receive the last month's email". However we can't select that last monthly email if we sent out too many communications in the last month.


Separate to that issue

2. When trying to segment by 'custom fields' it omits numerous custom fields. So if we asked someone for their interests, and try to segment by that specific interest, we only have a handful of fields (~20/40) to choose from. Doesn't seem to be any reason why some are included and others are not.


3. Short of #2. working, we have segmented the main list via Excel and our CRM to generate a new list to upload. We don't want those receiving the personalized email to also receive the general email, so we tried to omit them by filtering the 'Main' list by the 'New' list we generated.


Hopefully this gives a little more clarity.






Any chance you can develop a folder system in the segment portion. It would be so helpful to be able to have a folder for "Birthdays" and a folder for "Nations"....just thought it might help others as well.

Hi @Albany. I apologize for the delay in my reply. 


#1 - For Contact Activity in segments, there is a limit of 25 emails that will show in the dropdown when selecting a specific email. I've noted your feedback and sent it to our product team as I can see this being an issue if users send frequently. 


#2 - I brought up your account and saw 50 custom fields displaying, not the 20 or 40 you mentioned which might be a browser issue such as screen size or zoom setting. Additionally, the custom field dropdown in segments is limited to 50 custom fields. Since you have more than 50, not all of them will display and the segmenting will need to be manually done outside of Constant Contact as you noted in #3. Expanding the limit of custom fields is a request that we have heard as well.

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What would be more helpful than the date added (in our case in particular) would be the date clicked AND invitation/list clicked. It would be great to select criteria/tailor to needs.
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