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We should be able to have more than one criteria of each type to create a segment (i.e. I should be able to create a segment that targets people who meet BOTH of these criteria: were sent any of the last 5 campaigns AND Opened one of the last 10 campaigns.

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We’re updating the status of this idea to Under Consideration while we look into adding NOT and IS BLANK operators into segment creation. This would allow for more flexible uses of segments. There will be other criteria considered, so we still encourage everyone to share their desired segment use cases below in the comments. We will keep this thread updated with progress, it will likely still take some time before we’re able to fully tackle this one.


Like you have a Least Engaged list, you should add a Not Engaged list, so we can easily delete everybody who has never opened any emails ever. Your list segmentation tools aren't working properly for this, and one of your support agents confirmed there is a bug to select a period > 1 year. Even < 1 year was not working properly for me. This should be very easy to do.

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The new segment update seemed to be working well regarding producing timely results, but I just saw that it does not include the option to show me contacts that were "Not Sent" any email in a given time period. The only option is "Sent" emails, which is the opposite of what we need.


We often used the "Not Sent" filter to make sure large campaigns didn't send same contacts multiple emails when they happened to be on multiple lists. I have nearly 50K contacts and hundreds of lists, so this was super important. Can you please restore the "Not Sent" option that we had for nearly a decade? It's always disheartening when an "update" actually removes features you rely on.


Thank you!

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Please add the Not Sent criterion - we've had this option in segments for almost a decade! Don't update something and take away a feature!

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We would like to create a segment of contacts that do not have the first or last name fields populated. The segments have a lot of filtering options, but for some odd reason the name fields aren't accessible.


Some use cases for this:

1) Send an email to contacts without name fields with an option to update their profile.

2) Separate a campaign to send a different greeting to those without a first name field. I realize we can add some text to use if a merge field is blank, but we can't fall back to another field or change it completely. If the first name field is blank we may want to use a preferred name field or customize the greeting and email

3) Data management. Since our contacts often exist in other systems, a segment of those with blank name fields can be used to pull in information from outside sources.

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