Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

It's really annoying have to click through so many times to get to old campaigns. Please restore the ability skip pages. Please implement campaign search by date. This change is regression compared to previous one.
Add filter/search in Campaigns tab; beacuse I need search E-mails sents, move to folder, other actions. Similar to Contacts tab.
Campaign Expert
When trying to find a campaign to copy or resend, your new layout which only allows to scroll down, then select "View more campaigns", makes searching a VERY LONG and slow process. I would like someone on your end to view my account and see how long it takes to find the campaign titled "LOP MZT 2017". It would be so helpful to have a search option, or at least bring back the arrows at the bottom with Page 1 of 10, so I can skip ahead or move through the list faster.
There barely any sorting options for sorting campaigns! Date and that is it. We actually do not need many sort options but a "search" box to search by subject or name of the campaign would have been great. Is there one and am I missing it? I hate sorting through 300 eBlast campaigns each time I need to go back. It is getting to a point that I will not be using the service anymore :smileyface:
Campaign Contributor
We have a company account with hundreds of emails. With this new design you have to scroll, scroll and scroll some more in order find the campaign you are looking for. Sorting does not help any if you need to get to the middle of the alphabet.
Please, please, please make it easier to find emails that have been sent in the past! A search tool would be incredible, but even the ability to jump to a certain page of past emails was better than now. Having to load past campaigns until you find the right one is tedious! Thank you!
Campaign Contributor
Could we get a type of search on title of Campaign or sent date? Anything would be helpful
Campaign Collaborator
Your new system does not make it easy at all to jump through large amounts of previously created emails and events like your old system did. Having to scroll down to the bottom in order to load up more past emails and events makes it a long process to find ones that were created several months or even years ago. Also if the page is refreshed or accidentally goes back a page you have to start the whole process over again. The old system allowed you to jump back several pages at a time which made it easy to just look at dates to find the one you email/event you are looking for. The new system does not allow this as the user has to scroll down through everything in order to load older emails/events, this is much more time consuming and should be fixed!
Campaign Contributor
The old system had pages - so you can type in the number and it would bring you to a page. This new system w/out a search for date area is more time consuming.
Campaign Contributor

I just wrote in about this very topic - and I agree!

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