Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

Campaign Collaborator

I agree with both of these comments. I've also left similar feedback but it seems like no one at CC is listening. I am also considering moving to another email program if these issues don't get fixed. 

Campaign Contributor

 They obviously do not give a s*** about this obvious problem.  Their silence is deafening.

Campaign Contributor
With the current system, finding an older email is tedious. Would be nice to have a search function - i.e. search on date, keyword, email name, etc.
Campaign Contributor
I find your new system for listing past campaigns very frustrating. If i want to copy something I sent out a couple of months ago, I must keep clicking on the view more at the bottom of the list of sent campaigns and wait for it to load up, then I have to scroll down and repeat hoping I don't miss what I'm looking for. I have noticed that not all are even in date order! Before I could just click on the page number at the bottom instead of having to go through the whole list!!!! Before I had folders with sub folders but now they are gone and this is why I have to keep going through this frustrating & time consuming process of going through all sent emails. I've been a customer for many years but with this new frustration and my cost jumped up, I am just about ready to go else where. Kathy Skinner P.S. I can't even see what is below this space to know what to click on!!!
Constant Contact Partner
We routinely go back and use old campaigns as templates for new ones. Searching for old ones has always been tedious, as we've had to slowly go through the entire alphabet to get to the right name of the document. Even with options like reversing the ABC order, or typing in a specific number in order to get to a page that might be closer in the alphabet (an option that no longer exists in the new version!) to what we are looking for has been painstakingly tedious. It has always been difficult for us to use this feature due to the shear volume of what we put out each month and the simple issue has always been that there is no way to search by name. It is even more difficult than ever now, with the updated CC, to find previous campaigns we have sent out because there is no easy way to jump to a specific name. We have to painstakingly go page by page to get to where we need. Could you PLEASE add a NAME search function that allows us to type in the name (or something close to) of a previous document so we can fast forward to the right place?
Marketing Legend
As a community, we users have been emailing CC every since you did your "upgrade" about the need for a search function --to be able to better access our previous campaigns. WHY are you not responding and taking care of this? You are wasting soooo much of our time, decreasing productivity.... Thanks for responding and taking care of this now!
Campaign Contributor
While we find many of the new improvements to the platform to be very nice, we find the new format of the listing of past campaigns to be very ineffective. The previous method made searching past campaigns easy and fast. Within seconds we could access past campaigns from years ago. Now this same process takes an inordinate amount of time, and can be viewed as a significant design flaw. We would appreciate a revision of the listing of past campaigns format to the previous method, or to create a much faster method of viewing past campaigns from, say a year or two in the past. We are searching for other platforms with a better better workflow in this regard. Thank your for your consideration of this matter.
Can a new search function be created to search for campaigns? We have a high volume of campaigns and while their are filter functions there it is not easy to find a specific campaign. I am currently scrolling through each page of campaigns to find the one I'm looking for. Thanks
This new format is awful! Hard to see, can't search for old mails easily and takes forever. I have to constantly look for old emails now I have to load 50 **bleep** times instead of just selecting page 16 or whatever. Fix this or we will change services.
Campaign Contributor
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add a keyword search function to locate prior email campaigns. We frequently re-use email campaigns from prior months or years and just update them. Before this recent update, at least we could enter a page range that got us closer to the previous date. Now it looks like we'll just have to keep scrolling page by page.
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