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We have been using the legacy survey for a while now and we are sad not to see some functions on the new survey creation tools. The missing progress bar and page breaks - this was helpful to break up our survey in sections when we do the end-of-the-year surveys. Skip Logic - this was also helpful if a customer answered yes to bring them to a follow-up question and if no we directed them to the next important question so they would not have to scroll past the questions that didn't pertain to them. The ratings on a scale - the legacy version has a section you could say. "How would you rate the following statements..." and then under you could have multiple questions and only have one set of scale ratings (also the word you place in the scale rankings didn't get cut in odd sports like the new version). I also would love to see a drop-down box for the survey so customers can select a name from a drop-down menu to keep things looking neat and to keep scrolling too much.

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Hi @Tri-Lease  thank you for sharing this feedback with us! We're always open to ways we can better our user's experience. With that said, the good news is creating a multiple choice or ranking question is an available feature. While a drop-down question is not currently available it is a feature request we would be happy to track. As for page breaks, does the dividers or spacing blocks fit these needs?


We also have an active feature request thread for being able to include skip logic in a survey. In fact we would recommend commenting or voting on this thread directly so your feedback is stored in the proper place. The more comments and votes a feature request thread receives the higher of a priority it can be given.


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No, the dividers and spacing blocks just make the survey look longer. with page breaks the person taking the survey can hit next to go to the next main category of the survey. FOr our annual survey, it would be since to have 3 separate pages so the survey doesn't feel so long. 
Also, how do you vote on a thread no one has told me how to do that yet. being able to have skip logic will be very helpful. 

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Hi @Tri-Lease thanks for following up with these details! We have opened up your idea on page breaks so other users can weigh in as well. As for voting, you can let your voice be heard through commenting you too would like the feature as well as giving a kudos through the upper right hand button.



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Yes! Hate that we are losing page breaks.  

I would like the ability to do: - multiple pages - multiple topics in the same scale question - format question font size/color
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Hello @KelseyB47. I'm going to merge your first idea into a larger thread with including page breaks. For your other ideas, I would suggest voting or commenting on the linked threads so you are notified if we have updates to share on those particular threads.


Rank items within a table 

Format and customize questions


When creating a survey I selected a close date and didn't realize I could no longer select a close time. Will the survey close at the end of the day on the selected date? I have no idea what to expect. Please update to include the closing time on surveys.

I get the overall idea of having a survey webpage, however, there is no way to break up the sections in the survey like in the legacy surveys. For those who have incredibly long surveys to build (in our case a conference speaker evaluation), one long continuously scrolling survey is quite build and to fill out. It's really clunky. =(
I am in a large coaching marketing class that suggests that when creating surveys, that each question have its own page, or else a potential feedback person gets overwhelmed with all of the questions and does not complete the survey. I have had this happen in my Constant Contact Survey experience. It is unfortunate, that I have to use someone else's software to create a survey for my marketing efforts. If you can please design, a page for each question that would be ideal. I know you guys are wizards! Thanks!
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