Add sent/scheduled date and time on new dashboard

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Please put send dates back on the dashboard!

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Thank you for the feedback! Time stamps would definitely be helpful. We will pass this along to the proper teams.


Lots of good info but one important piece missing: the date the email was sent.  To find out, I have to click on the individual campaign.

I miss having the sent date at a glance when I look at the list of sent campaigns. I know I can click to get it but I like to see the pattern, if I've sent too many for the week or if we can do another, and when each program last went out.
Hi, It would be great if the time/date of a scheduled sent would be visible in the pages/dashboard/home - default - view when logging in. Without having to click and open up the campaign to check the send time. Thanks for all your great improvements!
I love being able to see our most recent campaigns at a glance, but I need to see the dates they were sent as well. Is it possible to add that feature so I don't have to click on each individual campaign to see the Sent Date? Thank you.
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Hi there,


I've only been using Constant Contact for a few months, and really like it, but one thing that would be helpful is, in the little button that says "Sent", after it sends - on the campaigns, list to add the date (Sent 3/22). Wouldn't even need the year since the most recent are first...rather than having to open up each one to make sure you have the right one or to find the date.


Thanks so much!

Georgette Thompson


Hello, I would like to request that dates be placed on the campaign list that opens in accounts. No dates exist in view now until you click on the campaigns tab.  It would be easier if the dates were just listed on the home page.

Thank you, stay well, stay safe.

Alex Ferrone

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Hi @AlexF04 


You are correct, at this time the dates and times associated with a campaign are not available on the home page of an account. If this was a detail added to your home page, which dates would you like to see (when your campaign was created or when it was sent)?  Would you only want the date to appear, or the time as well?


Hi.  I have a complaint.  Long time customer.  In the emails sent dashboard main screen it now says email statistics.   For example sends and opens.  But it doesn't show the date.   This is very unprofessional.  We will be watching to check for any changes.  Please do things right....



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Scheduled and sent times for your most recent campaigns will show on the home dashboard of your account. If the campaign is sent you will still be able to see some basic campaign reporting at a glance. Including some screenshots:


2022-10-26 10_53_57-Window.png


2022-10-26 13_52_10-Window.png


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