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Additional event payment options

Just wondering if will be used as an option when my customers register. I really like it and it's much easier on our side and less expensive. Let me know if this will ever be an option. thank you

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Hello everyone, 


With the newer event tool out and the contract with WePay having ended after 2023, this means that PayPal is currently the only online payment provider available.


While our devs are looking into other alternatives for integrated payment providers, they are also open to any specific suggestions you have:

  • What payment provider would you prefer to use?
  • What is the most important aspect in a payment provider to you?

Eventspot is great but there should be an option to disable payment and handle it separately via custom fields. Additionally, the possibility of extracting the total cost via API to handle payments on company payment gateways would be a much useful feature.
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Thanks for sharing this idea!
Campaign Expert
I noticed you only have two venues for accepting credit card payment online, and I would like to suggest that you add more. We use Payflowpro, and because we aren't able to use it, it is making it difficult for us to accept payment the way we would prefer. Thanks!
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Hello, Thank you for your feedback! This is helpful information to know and thank you for providing the name of another potential payment gateway we may be able to connect to in the future. Please vote on this and any other ideas you agree with.
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As a UK user we use WorldPay for our credit card online payments. Would you also consider connecting to this gateway?



Campaign Contributor
Most of our events are for Club members only. The event fee is charged to their Club account. The list of payment options doesn't include anything like that; we choose "Pay at the Door" as the least confusing, though not accurate. Please add "Other" to the list, with an ability to explain what "other" means.
Status changed to: New

Thanks for sharing this feedback. Have you considered using a Access Code to allow the people using their club account to not be charged through EventSpot but instead allow them to complete registration for "free" so you can charge them later? Here's and FAQ on access codes:

An additional payment method of "Bill Me" or an "Other" option where we can specify our own method when creating the event would be very helpful! None of the existing options really work for us.
Campaign Contributor
Association need online dues payment

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. This isn't an option right now but is an interesting thought to consider. Would you like to have your registrants complete payment as they come into your event or are you in a situation where you see the people who would be registering in person ahead of time?

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