Adjustable Padding For Images and Text Blocks

Everything seems to have a different left/right padding to it. I would like the option to remove padding from all items (ideally ability to adjust l,t,r,b padding on all objects). Especially in the new editor this is tedious and an image can span the entire 600px width, but a text box cannot.

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Hi @rcppubs23


While there is more than one request in this thread we'd be happy to share updates for the requests in this thread. The good news is the feature of editing padding around images is available in our cross device editor. As for wanting to control padding between blocks, we’ve compiled and discussed this feedback users have shared internally. There are no immediate developments pertaining to this request, but we are continuing to share the feedback and use cases discussed here. We will mark this as Acknowledged and will post any updates we may hear from our teams.


Adjustable padding on all blocks should be a basic. Defaults, okay. But the Constant Contact templates are awful from a design standpoint. You need to give some control for designers to create something polished and professional. We can't even do something as simple as aligning elements. We're slaves to whatever CC decided should be a default. Maybe take a look at MailChimp or SquareSpace to see the stark difference.

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And further, it's not only that an image can span the full width but it does, always, as far as I can see. Things that are intended as small icons, in the mobile version span the full width of the phone screen. Need a way to specify the maximum width of an image in mobile.

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After over 10 years with CC, I have been using old templates because they are easy, format well and, most importantly, they WORK!  However, anytime I had a question or issue, I'd call and the first words I heard were "Oh, ohhhh, you're using the OLD template/editor..."  So, finally (I'm slow), I upped my game to use the new templates/editor. Big mistake!  One would think that something as easy as placing a caption underneath an image would be doable...right?  WRONG!  Or, how about this...I wanted to have two, count 'em, TWO images along the same line within a text rep just told me "nope, can only do one image"  Improvement?  I think not...oh, and what about padding?  Novel idea, eh?  Use the old templates/editor folks, this is a step BACKWARDS not forwards!

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Hey @EnergyPlus, I appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us! I understand the frustration of not being able to add a caption to an image and that's definitely something we are looking into and I've added your feedback to that ticket that we are using to track the progress with that feature request. Our older editor definitely had a bit more customization options and features that worked very well on desktop email clients, however as of today there are more mobile users opening emails on their phones than a desktop. Because of this, we build an editor that made it seamless and easy for you to create an email campaign that looked great on a mobile device. We know it's not perfect and we're actively working on making improvements to this editor, so your feedback is key in this. If you do see a missing feature or have difficulty doing something on the editor, please feel free to reach out and let us know. 



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I don't think you get it Constant Contact Development Team! 


You are not hearing you customer base.  Yes, maybe switching to a new editor is challenging and time consuming.  And no one wishes to take more time doing what they do, especially when we are all very busy and doing more and more every day with not enough time. The real issue is that in your effort to make things easier and efficient, you totally missed it. If you make changes that improve the look, function, and usability, people don't mind as much. Instead of doing that, we spend all of our time and effort for something that does not look as nice and does not allow for creativity and flexibility like the old system.


The lack of ability to make the changes you wish for the look you want has been lost. The older editor was absolutely wonderful and when switching from our old provider we felt like we was moving from Pontiac to a Cadillac.  Then all of the sudden, moving from the trial to the purchased system, we went backwards!  We now not only have to spend way to much time trying to figure out how to create the great looking emails but we waste time because the options which used to be available are no longer there!  They can't be found. (i.e. adding spaces to a box to make it bigger!  REALLY?)


The new program does not allow for the same flexibility and creativity you had in easy to locate spots.  Why? Is development team not able to figure out how to keep the great features you used to offer?  Why would you ever move backwards in capabilities not forward?  If you plan to bring back some of these features, why release the product before you do?  In searching comments, it seems as though you have many customers who are not happy?  What are you going to do about it?  You had a absolutely great, great product.  Now... it is just like the others out there. 


We are beginning to question why we made the decision to upgrade to what we felt was the better product and spend the fairly significantly more $$$ to just have it nearly back to what we had (and for a significantly lower price)?  Maybe we need to rethink our purchase.

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Why can't I get the BOLD format option to go off? If I have a bold line & want the next line to not be bold more often that not I can't turn it off.



Please add the functionality to change the padding/height of a text block.

It would be great if I could add space between paragraphs in a block of text, as in desktop publishing. It would be more efficient and eye catching rather than using a return which creates too large of a white space between graphs.

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Hi @FirstNameL98691 what type of spacing are you looking for? How does our spacer block not fit your needs?

I have more than 1 paragraph in a block of text. To insert a spacer block, I have to make every paragraph a different block of text which is time consuming and awkward. I want to be able to insert a space between graphs without creating several different blocks. For example, in Word, I can insert a return and make that line 8 pts -- smaller than the text itself; or I can format the paragraph for 4 pts after each graph, again smaller than the text. Thanks.

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