Automated split A/B testing

I am ready to switch over from paying $90 a month for CC to  or another provider that does automated split testing. Please move this up to the top of your priorities.


Quick summary why I'm leaving Constant Contact once our Pre Payment is spent:


  • No A/B Split Testing
  • No Geolocating
  • No Segmentation - Segment by creating list for every email, very time consuming. Segmenting should be breaking down 1 list... No creating a ton of other list.
  • Can't upload more than one tag at one time
  • Need to go into each report to see unsubscribes comments and metrics, can't just view all or recent campaigns in a central place
  • Can't see unsubscribe comments on subscribers profile page
  • No way to compare campaign open rates on a single screen
  • Need to use Excel to basically do anything useful, quoted from customer service...
  • Can't easily resend a campaign base on subscriber engagement
  • No email client testing
  • Can't deliver by time zone

Basically constant contact is built for mom and pop, they have not shown any desire to provide a service for professional e-mail marketers.



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Fully supported and disappointing to see there hasn't been any progress made on this in over a year.

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Can you add an AB Subject line test? I had this feature with a different email program and it was very helpful.
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There are entries from 2012 in this forum asking if this has finally been implemented. It's 2016 now and customer service just told me they don't even know if this is going to happen in the near future. I will look for a different provider that offers an A/B testing feature.

I would like to see an updated feature on campaign reports as follows. Issue: If I send a single campaign to multiple lists, I have to way to determine which lists were most effective. Workaround: Create a copy of the campaign for each list I am testing. Drawback is that contacts may exist on both lists. This results in receiving the emails multiple times. Recommended solution: In the campaign report, where each list is presented, provide a table which includes the list name, sends, opens, clicks, forwards, bounces, opt-outs, spam reports, and did-not opens. It is understood that these numbers will not reconcile to 100%, as contacts may be present in multiple lists. This solution will provide important data about list effectiveness.
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We would love to have the ability for integrated A/B testing. Thanks!

I'm amazed AB split testing still isn't available on CC!  and other key players have all been offering the functionality for years. Please catch up! It will make everyone's emails better, it's simply a no brainer. You'll lose customers otherwise. 

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Another customer leaving because this hasn't been implemented. 


I can't believe it's 2016 and you still haven't implemented this feature. What are you doing?

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Any updates on the progress of implementing an automated process for A/B testing with contact lists? Its been 2-3 years since many of the comments I saw on this subject. Personally as our email marketing manager, I'm in a place where I need this functionality. My compnay has been with you since 2008 and we would like to stay but will not be able to in the next 6 months if this is not a feature. Please advise of any update. Thank you!

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