Automatically populate frequently used email addresses in the test email box

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I find myself frequently typing in the same email addresses when sending out test emaisl to colleagues. Just as the contact list autopopulates based on the first few characters, this would save users a lot of time especially if they send out several drafts of test emails to the same email addresses. Added up over many emails, this could save LOTS of time.


Thank you for considering my suggestion.

Under the new version, I don't like that I have to individually type in the different email addresses. A test email for me is sent to 10 people in our organization; buyers, sales team, owners, marketing and inside sales. The old version, I could cut and paste their email addresses and drop them into the test email area and send to everyone in our organization. Why can't I pre-load my test email addresses into a test email directory?
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Same here. On any given day we're testing the same campaign in several iterations to the same people and it's exhausting to key them in individually. Please add functionality to create preset lists.

I have a suggestion. We do sales person emails and have a batch of 23 with the same content, but different sales people. It would be nice if you could choose all of those emails with the existing checkbox, and then only have to enter a preview email one time for all, then send. As it is now I have to go one by one.

In the editor we use ("old"), my email address autopopulates for test emails. Yay!

In the New editor, it chooses my boss' name, so I have to retype my email address. Not sure why this changed between the old and new editors? Minor, but it adds to the list of things we wish were different in the new editor (which include HTML editing capability and adding tables).


It would be great if there were an option to select from a few different email addresses when sending the test email. I usually do a few tests to check for errors before I share a copy with my boss for her review, so my first test only goes to my email address. Once I've corrected errors, I'll send her a revised preview. It would be great to have the option to select one or multiple email addresses from a list when sending the preview, so I don't have to manually enter an email address depending on the stage of review I'm at. Campaign Monitor has this option, and it's really helpful.


It would also be great to flag that the preview email is a preview, and not the live send, just to avoid confusion.





1. be able to attach either a list or a batch of emails to a test.  I usually have to send out at lest three test to a batch of three different recipients.  

2.  Be able to establish multiple "default" recipients.

3.  Some sort of tracking on tests sent and to which recipients.

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Hi CC,

I tend to send test emails to the same colleagues all the time (to managers for approvals). It'd be great if the software was a bit more intuitive, remembering previous email addresses that have been used. Then I wouldn't have to type out the same addresses each time or go to another tab to copy and paste email addresses into the address box. Could save a lot of time as I use this function so regularly - it's tedious!



I send test emails to my clients for their review before launching, currently i have to keep retyping the same names over and over in order to send the test email. It would be great, if I could select from a drop down list or it auto populates as i type. This would prevent typos on my part ... which has occurred and we could not figure out why the test email did not make it to my client.
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Before today, the preview/test for custom code popup window had email address suggestions of previous test recipients (including groups of emails) based your typing. Today an overlay panel now keeps client addresses from the last test if you want to send all your email tests to the same names! Now I have to delete previous clients' names when sending the next client's test. What benefit is that? They don't reset. Such a poor idea. I really want the dropdown with email suggestions based your typing back like it had been. What a downgrade.


Hope this makes sense. It would be good to not have to type in, each time, the list of specific people who have to give us approvals.  

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