BEWARE Outrageous extra charge for emails sent!

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I've been a Constant Contact subscriber for many years now, I'm guessing about 10 years now, but it's getting crazy people! I mean you guys really suck.

My list goes from 12,000 to 15,000 emails most of the times, and I send about one or two emails per day to each of those emails since we send news.

I normally prepay for 6 months at a time to saver that extra 5 or 10 percent since you guys are already one of the most expensive services out there, but this month I got an extra charge to my credit card of more than 500 dollars. When I asked support, they said that I had surpassed my email sending limit which was a total of 360,000 emails per month and I sent more than 700,000 so you guys are charging me for every one of those extra emails sent. This is the same amount of emails I send each month and never before I got a crazy charge like this.

This is a total scam, like I said before I've been a client of yours for many many years now and this happens just now, without any notification from you! and at the middle of a 6-month prepaid term which will end in February.

So now, I can't use constant contact because I know I will go over my send limit every month and I will have to pay an extra 500 dollars each month, and I have already paid for the service until february so I basically lost 800+ dollars with your scam.

Am I **bleep**? Of course I am, I'm seeing red.

I understand you guys changing the rules but not on the middle of a billing term, and not without giving the option to your client of cancelling the account and getting a refund. This was just a plain robbery.

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On another note, I had to change my billing a couple years ago so it could be charged in pesos instead of dollars for tax pourposes, there was no way to do this so I had to create a new account in pesos and then import all of my contacts there, when I called support to see if they could help me transfer all of my data to the new account they said they charged some crazy dollar amount per campaign to transfer it to the new account.

Imagine the bill if I had more than 1,000 campaigns saved there! I just lost all the data.


Hi @oliverquintero


We apologize for any confusion there may be with the charges on your account. However in alliance with our Idea Guidelines, feedback regarding our billing policies will not be open for discussion here in the Community. Discussion of billing policies are best suited for our billing teams as they can often be specific to individual accounts or involve sensitive information. Please see our article containing information surrounding how and when users are charged for their account. In the meantime we have passed on your feedback to the appropriate teams. We also recommend sharing your need for wanting to ability to copy campaigns from one account into another account directly on their idea threads.

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