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I would like to be able to do a text box. I would like to be able to choose background colors for text boxes. I would like my work to get saved automatically every 5 minutes or so. I switched from to Constant Contact recently and am disappointed that these are not offered. I could do all of this in.

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THERE ARE VERY FEW TEMPLATES AND VERY few way of modifying them. You shpuld open more tool for background colors, images and a lot more stuff other platforms have.
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I used to colour blocks by subject, but now they all have to be the same.  


I find it hard to think who signed off this editor.  Support tells me it is the only way you could get the emails to display properly.  I cannot understand why you think such a poor design tool is acceptable.  But then over the last year Constant Contact has changed from a customer focused business to one of "This is what we offer, this is what you will pay - if either does not suit you tough we make the rules".  I have been a customer since 2007.


Thought for July, which CC ought to adopt  "it is easy to get rid of customers, it is expensive to get new ones"  Ask Blackberry, Friends Reunited, Nokia and many more.

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I used Constant Contact 4 years ago, and I could use a template and enter my own html and css. What the hell happened? Then when I ask support for answers, they send me a link to an outdated doc.

All I want to do is use my own background image in my email campaign and can't do it. 

I custom coded an email with my own background image, and can't save it as a template. Then "Tier 2" decided to "help" me with custom coding, and they put a background image over my background image!


I have seen page after page of people complaining about this, but no answers! And what's the voting about???? Just answer the freaking question!!!!

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I have been waiting for many months for you to give me the ability to change the background color of any given block. Please look at my January 2017 Campaign. I can't see a way to do that in your new editor Come on guys this is SO SIMPLE! It should take you no longer than a day to add this. Please contact me and let me know what the hold up is.
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