Better confirmation that a test email was sent

Please let the success message for the test send remain until I dismiss it. I often am working in many windows and I look away for a sec then I can't remember if I sent the test!

Also please bring back the check box list of emails already in the system, why make me type out the different emails each time?



I don't understand why the notification that a test email has been sent disappears after seconds.  How many times have I sent a test, looked away for a few seconds, and then don't know for sure if the test went before closing the preview window.  It would be REALLY helpful to just keep the notification visible until I close the window, so I know for sure the test was sent.


I've noticed that when a send a test email, a brief "successful" message appears in a green box, then disappears.. The confirmation used to stay there. It would be helpful to have the box remain, as often I move on to another task and can't remember if I've sent the test or not. I design emails for clients, so it can be embarrassing and confusing for me to send more than 1 test fr a specific version - especially if we have multiple rounds of changes.


It's about time the test email set up evolved. Even a short list of regularly used emails address would be helpful, so not endlessly copying and pasting. Also, when I have a sponsored email that is sent as a test to more than one person, they don't know they've all got it as there is not a CC capacity. The 'it's gone' green flash stays up for 3 seconds (a big sneeze and you'll miss it) and then there's no other record that you've sent it....

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Voted!  I agree!


Or have the message show up lower (under the send button).  I often don't scroll up quick enough to catch the email sent successfully message.

It would be of great help if you could leave the green pop-up box up after a "test" or "preview" email has been sent that says "your email has been sent." Why does it have to disappear after 3 seconds. 


I agree with all the users suggesting the "success" text stay up longer. I also would love a way to confirm that a test was sent/opened.


It is so helpful with regular emails through CC to be able to confirm to someone (who claims "I never go it!") that they did indeed get it and even opened it.


With tests it easily as important since management may later say "you never sent me a test" to approve.


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This was originally suggested in 2018. 2022 the test email confirmation still disappears after a few seconds. A history/log of test emails sent would be great. 


4 years later and the same test email 'lack' of features are still poor.

YES VOTE - an email confirmation is a must when sending tests to sources.

YES VOTE - the test success button is WAY to short.  If my internet is slow at that time, I don't know if it really went.


YES VOTE on all improvement to test emails.




Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

At this time, we do not have plans to include any kind of permanent messaging that a test email has been sent. Should we hear any news in the future, we will update this post.

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Absolutely agree with the above requests! I often miss the green note saying a test was sent out. There really does need to be a way to check back and make sure the tests went out.  has a similar feature that always worked well. Thanks!

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