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Protecting an organization's brand is important, and when multiple people are using Constant Contact with in the company, it is important to make sure everyone is using the correct colors, fonts, footer, etc. There must be a better way to create a template that is at the forefront of all other "campaigns" and "templates." It appears the only way to make a branded template is to have it as its own campaign and then users have to search for it, copy it, use it. This makes no sense. Also, colors and fonts should be a global setting, so that no matter what template a user selects, our colors are the only colors available in the pallet. These two things - a branded template and colors/fonts setting - are essential. If I am missing something, please let me know! This seems to be a simple concept for branding emails, since that is what Constant Contact is for, but I'm not seeing how to implement this in the way I think it should work. Anyone else?


Hi @Amanda99


You are correct, at this time users do not have the ability to save an email as a template or to save the colors being used for future campaigns. These are however both feature requests we are collecting feedback on. Because of this we do recommend sharing your need for saving colors to use in templates and for saving email campaigns as a template directly on their threads instead.

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