Bring Back option to label email home, work, etc

Bring Back option to label email home, work, etc. Now when I export the opened/unopened list the email addresses are all over the screen instead of in 1 column. Thanks
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When I upload my email lists via Excel, I sure wish I could select the email address field. It drives me nuts that all my uploaded WORK email addresses default into the OTHER email address field.


It's been made clear that CC will not bring back the ability to have multiple email addresses per contact. However, you have done nothing to resolve the issue of current contacts that already had email types assigned.


Every contact download has two sets of columns for email/permission/status etc., one set for "Email - Home" and one set for "Email - Other". Those are the email type categories we were previously using on our account. To segment and upload lists again, these columns have to be manually merged every single time, because CC only allows for one column to be marked as "Email" now in an upload.


This is very time-consuming and terrible UX.  


When will this be fixed? 

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Most of the contacts entered for our company are work contacts, but when uploaded from a file, the addresses and email addresses for the contacts defaults to "home" and "other"(for email)...there is no other way to upload "work" addresses from a file. 


You can use custom fields to do this, but then it separates the address line-by-line rather than looking like one cohesive address when imported default as a home address. 


The phone number field allows you to choose from "home", "mobile", and "other", why isn't this the same for email and addresses? I'm just a little short on time to manually change 17,000 emails and addresses to "work" :)


It seems like a strange request, but when sending material out to our contacts, it's nice to be able to differentiate addresses between home and work, and we upload a good majority of our contacts through Excel files. 


Hi. I've been testing and retesting for a few months and keep running into anomalies in export/import. Some of the issues are known: imports won't accept the "Work" field names and will default to home or other.


Even if you have completely correct contacts, export the contact to use the export excel as a template, delete the data from the excel but keep the system-produced headers, then populate with new contacts, the import still doesn't accept work address or allow you to map to work addresses during the import.
The result is the user is required to manually change every single contact by hand--every single contact.


Other issues I am running into are full exports munging headers and data so the fields under a particular header are populated with data that belongs under another header.


I've seen this occur when custom fields contain a word that is part of a system field. Clearly the string match coding for export/import is too fuzzy and should be tightened up.


So I'm suggesting: 1) at least offer professional services to make a global change so all contact email and physical addresses can be changed to "Work" (product isn't working as advertised), and 2) fix the string matching code so export/import works correctly, and 3) fix the field mapping during import.


And find a way to truly delete all contacts and associated data so "old data" doesn't persist. If I delete a contact, then import the contact later (same email), some data persists from the original contact, such as "Notes". So imaging testing for weeks and entering test notes and then finding out you have to go to a new database/new account if you want to get rid of a bunch of persistent notes that say things like "test 01".


Finally, it would be great if you had a way to bulk import tags...Being forced to use a new database/account due to the persistence of old data means manually entering tags every time...ouch.



Hello @JamesB73709,


We appreciate your feedback about the import/export process and I will be sure to get this information passed on to the appropriate team internally. We are always looking for ways to make Constant Contact work best for everyone so any feedback is helpful.


I have moved this post to our dedicated feedback forum where others in the community can vote for these changes as well.


Please feel free to reach out to us again if you have any questions or concerns!



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