Bulk updating multiple contacts and their lists

I ran into an issue where I needed to update over 1,000 contacts who were all on different (multiple) lists. There isn't a way to use a Header (i.e. Email Lists) so that when contacts are imported their lists are also updated. Instead you can only add them to one list. I highly recommend Constant Contact upgrade their system to also allow an Email List header so multiple contacts can be added to multiple lists in one bulk step. Thank you.
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In the older version of Constant Contact I was able to upload numerous contacts from one file into several different Contact lists by using a Contact list field in my spreadsheet. Without this feature, I have to sort and save all my contacts in separate Excel files before I upload each of them. It is so time consuming.

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We create many jobs in a given week and prefer to upload email list files for our jobs because our local database tools allow for better query filtering.  However, the upload of these numerous files is very time consuming.  This time could be greatly reduced if your upload widget allowed for uploading multiple files at the same time.  Each file could then be put into a separate list, perhaps a list with the same name as the uploaded file.


This would be a huge time saver for us.


There is also a step with each upload where fields must be mapped.  This step could be skipped with the multiple file upload with the requirement that only standard or preexisting field names are allowed with automatic checking.

I have a couple lists that I want to ensure dont have the same contacts in them. It would be great to be able to control what lists contacts are if what lists the were on was an import column option.
I entered one year worth of emails and added tags instead of lists. I spoke with several different techs to find out how to fix this. I was told that I could download my master list, make the changes and reload the master list. There is no option under "select a field" for lists. This is a MUCH needed option.
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I would like to see a contact export report - by group - that includes columns to the right of the names; one for each group in which the contact is included.  I would like then, to be able to edit the groups via the excel list, by easily deleting the "CHECKMARK" or adding it.  Once edited I would like to import the list back in to update which groups for which the person is part.  Why?

*  Currently I can only edit a contact one at a time.  24,000 contacts can take a long time.

*  Every time I upload new contacts, it seems to update the existing ones; adding them to other lists.  Many people are now on multiple lists for which I do not intend. Now people I don't intend to contact are contacted, and I've had angry customers.

*  There simply must be an easier way to edit my contacts without taking so much time.


Thank you.

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Hi @General_AIre what kind of groups are you looking to export your contacts by? Does exporting your contacts by list and selecting to include lists as an exported detail help fit your needs? At this time being able to  update contact lists by list name through import is not an available feature, it is however a feature request we are collecting feedback on. We recommend commenting directly on its thread so your feedback for this feature can be tracked properly. The more requests a thread like this receives the higher of a priority it can be given by our Product Team. In the meantime, users will have to split their contact file up to have one file per list, and import each file separately.


You also mentioned only being able to edit contacts one at a time, what edits are you looking to make in bulk besides their contact lists?

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Hi Frankie,


The export part I'm good with. My problem is that somehow people end up in other lists for which I am unaware.  Messages meant for one group are then also sent to people that should not get them.  


I regularly import / add new contacts; some of which are already in one list or another.  I imagine that's when it happens, but then I need a way to perform a "mass" correction to be sure everyone is in their correct list.  Does that make sense?


For instance, I update pricing when we have price changes in our website and company system.  I first export the items, update the pricing, and then import the update.  I would like also to be able to do that in CC.  It's the IMPORT with updated information I would like to see.

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Thank you Frankie.  I would ask that an import feature for updated lists be in our future.  Happy Holidays!

Is there a way to create a list linked to collumn. IE IF Collumn says X put in list Y
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