Bulk updating multiple contacts and their lists

I ran into an issue where I needed to update over 1,000 contacts who were all on different (multiple) lists. There isn't a way to use a Header (i.e. Email Lists) so that when contacts are imported their lists are also updated. Instead you can only add them to one list. I highly recommend Constant Contact upgrade their system to also allow an Email List header so multiple contacts can be added to multiple lists in one bulk step. Thank you.
Status changed to: Acknowledged

Am I missing a workaround, or is this not addressed yet in 2023? I am currently attempting to bulk update my company contacts, but when uploading a contact csv file, there just aren't the right fields available for matching. Email lists must be addressed as something that can be bulk edited by csv upload. This whole program relies on email lists. Subscription status. Again... how is this not editable en masse? These are fundamental, elementary features to the Constant Contact service.




Features like this can sometimes not be given a high priority due to low number of tracks from other customers and the prioritization of other ideas. We can however confirm  we have heard your feedback and it could be taken under consideration for a future release. In the meantime, the workaround we suggest is to split contacts up to have one file per list, and import each file separately.

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