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I would like an additional sort option added so that I have the ability to see ONLY my open Events.  I would also like to be able to set a default sort so I don't have to change it every time.


The new format is not as easy to read as the old format was.  

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Thank you for the feedback @Miagbiz.

We have tried, we just cannot adjust to the new format for campaigns. Can we please have an option for having Events, Emails, and Surveys back at the top? When I'm in an event and want to move to another event, I don't want to have to click back through Campaigns, down to events and sort and scroll each time. It would also be helpful to be able to "hide" completed events so they are not cluttering up current events, etc. Thank you.
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Is there a way to put my active events on the top and in chronological order? Currently my active and done events are mixed togehther and It is inconvenient to have to scroll up and down to find my active events.
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Hello @JuddM12,


Thank you for this feedback. Currently there is no sort option to view only Active Events on top, however you can use the following sort methods to access only Active Events.


I've passed along your feedback for voting!

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When I look at my campaigns sorted by events, it would be nice if active events would show at the top by date. Right now I have to scroll through events that are done to get to the ones that haven't happened yet.

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Wouldn't it make more sense to be able to sort events by the start date when viewing events (All campaigns>Status>Active). Sorting by new to old seems to sort it by when it was created instead of the actual start date to the events. We have four pages of events.
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Hi @IntlWolfCenter. I went into your events and was able to sort by the start date. The only difference was that I did not change the status to Active since this status includes automated campaigns which don't have a start date. If you go to your events, are you able to sort?


Reply from @IntlWolfCenter 


When I’m viewing my events in Status>Active, the options available are: Last modified, A-Z, Z-A, Old to New and New to Old. None of those options sort the events by their start date which we would like to sort by. With 68 different events, and for promotional reasons, I like to look through to see the programs coming up and how many registrations there are/ seats open. As you can see from the screen shot below, if I choose New-Old, I’m not even certain what it is sorting by.


In this second screen shot, I am looking at Campaign Type>Events and sorting by Start Date Newest. Again, not clear where is it pulling to sort “Newest”. 
sort two.png
I am on a Mac, using Firefox and Google Chrome both displaying the same way. If you can show me how you were able to sort by the EVENT START DATE, that would be incredibly helpful. 


Hi @IntlWolfCenter. Again, sorting by Status > Active pulls in all Active campaigns, including events and automated emails which you have in your account. These cannot be sorted by start date, only by A-Z, Z-A, new-old, and old-new. New-old and old-new are based off of the creation date, not the start date. If you want to sort Events, you need to click on the Event category under Campaigns otherwise the sort will not work properly.


In your second screenshot, Start Date Newest pulls in by the latest start date for an event. In your case, these are dates that are coming up in October. For events that are happening sooner than October, you would need to scroll to find them


Reply from @IntlWolfCenter 

Hi Caitlin,
Ok, I guess I can understand the Status> Active sorting.

However, to do the sort in Campaign type, when I click events, it pulls EVERYTHING we’ve done in events since we joined years ago. And from what you are saying the NEWEST pulls the LATEST, makes no sense whatever. If you are thinking in terms of dates it should be soonest and latest. And newest to me means January, February, March…and oldest which should be latest should be November, December….

For events, I would like to be able to sort by chronological order by event date (so by Jan - Dec or Dec - Jan). So I want to see programs that are happening in February so I’d sort by Jan - Dec. But if I needed to find a program in October, then I’d sort by Dec - Jan. I feel like I’m not explaining what our issue is so trying it another way.

Sorry for the hassle on a Friday. Basically, the sort feature does not work at all for us when it involves the events. The above paragraph explains it simply what we’d love to see. So if you can share that with the development team, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thank you so much for explaining it more. Having a sort feature that takes into account what the most recent event is from today's date makes sense. Would you like to have a selector that allows to you choose date ranges for campaigns and events instead of being confined to only the dropdown options?


Reply from @IntlWolfCenter:

In the Campaign type section for events, if we had calendars to select the beginning and ending date range, that would be perfect! In the status section sorting events Jan - Dec or Dec -Jan would work even with the automated emails that are included in that section. 


Thanks for hanging in there with me. I am in our account daily and I have a few coworkers that utilize our account as well to pull reports, and such. It has been a frustration for all of us so if this feedback was to be considered and changed, you may hear cheers all the way from Minnesota!


Have a great day!

Great! I'll sort this into a larger feature request when it comes to sorting events. If we receive any updates, I'll post in the thread. 


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