Can no longer rename sent emails ("campaigns") ???

So now (unless I'm missing something I've spent 15 minutes looking for on the site and in the forums) it is no longer possible to rename sent email campaigns? Why would developers remove something so useful and widely used ???

Hi Samantha!


I've passed your feedback along! Thanks so much for letting us know!

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I would also love this feature. I see that you have been passing along the feedback for this, BUT this feature request was first proposed 3.5 years ago and we were told you'd pass this along. Do you see this happening in the near future or should we just expect, "we will pass along your feedback"?


Hi Kevin.

Unfortunately right now we have some product features that are needing to be addressed before we start adding on additional features to Constant Contact. I can assure you that every time someone comments here that they are wanting to see this feature we are adding your votes to our engineers and pushing your feedback on. I am sorry that it has been requested for so long and hasn't been added yet. We are doing everything we can to address the immediate needs of our customers and get things added as soon as we can. 


Hopefully this gets more attention and can be added soon. 


I would like to add this feature as well. I wouldn't think it would be that difficult


Just create some type of mask that allows a user to override the view with the desired name, but doesn't change what has been stored on the server ( in case the naming creates some type of linkage to images and/or reporting

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Looking at this thread, I notice that this request has been sent to developers multiple times since March of 2011.  Any progress or will this request be sent to the developers as well?


It really shouldn't be that hard of a fix...




I understand that you'd like to see this functionality. We are actively working on making fixes to our product and we do take customer suggestions to heart. Have you submitted your feedback on this desire in our Email Marketing Feedback area? Our engineers do monitor these forums and take popular suggestions to implement in future releases of Constant Contact. It would really be beneficial if you submitted your feedback there. Thank you so much.  


I also would really like this feature.  Please, developers, help us!


Definitely I need this as well - unfortunately no way to do this at the moment...  Duplicating the email will just not work, reports for the actually sent one will not be there... 


Come on, guys... it's a few entries in a database. Everything else is editable, why not this? Just fix this, please!

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