Can no longer rename sent emails ("campaigns") ???

So now (unless I'm missing something I've spent 15 minutes looking for on the site and in the forums) it is no longer possible to rename sent email campaigns? Why would developers remove something so useful and widely used ???
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In reply to your actual question, which isn't necessarily a rhetorical one (and this is just a guess from another user): if I am recalling the timing of things with any accuracy, I believe this latest generation editor was already well into development when the ability to change a campaign name was added to the previous-generation editor.  So, the idea and capability of renaming campaigns didn't even exist in the plans for this latest version was it was mapped out.  But why it wasn't worked in while programming was in progress?  I don't know.


Over the years I have seen other useful existing features and capabilities dropped upon upgrade, and maybe this could be one reason.



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Please update your email system so that we can Rename a Sent Campaign. This is a necessary feature for being able to find and sort through email campaigns. Thanks so much. 


Great idea, thank you for your feedback. 

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Would you please add this feature back? Thanks!


 Another backward move with this update. Renaming a campaign was a simple convenience. Why was it taken away? I don't want "COPY OF ____" as the permanent name of a campaign if I forget to change it before it's sent.  


Other issues with the update: no search feature for email campaigns was added. People have been asking for this for a long time and it's standard in most computer programs---search key words in the title or even better, in the text of the campaigns. Then instead of skipping pages to look for old emails, we now have to scroll. So tedious and unproductive.  

I used to be able to change the name of an email that had already been sent. I can't do it now. (It only showed as the new name in my list of emails; the old name stayed in the list of people who opened the email.)
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Step by step instructions on how to rename an email campaign don't work! No "RENAME" option in the Action options!
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TOTALLY AGREE!  Plus the added frustration is that there are HELP instructions on how to rename, but they don't work!

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