Can no longer rename sent emails ("campaigns") ???

So now (unless I'm missing something I've spent 15 minutes looking for on the site and in the forums) it is no longer possible to rename sent email campaigns? Why would developers remove something so useful and widely used ???

Hi Kati!


Click on the Home tab > then click on the draft of your email <Test2> that will bring you to the "Email Details" screen and you wil have an option to "Edit Name".


Edit Name.JPG



Hope that helps!

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Any update on this???  I REALLY NEED to be able to do this!!!!


Hi Martha,


There is no way currently to change the name of a sent email.  You can make a copy of the email, change the name when making the copy, and then remove the original.




I too would like to see the availability of  a feature to change the name of a sent e-mail


Thank you


HI Brian,

I am happy to add your vote to this topic, thanks for posting!


Please add another vote for the ability to edit the name of an email after it's been sent.  And Not loose al lthe email data.

This is for reporting purposes.  Not for creating a new email. 


Otherwise, it makes reporting somewhat difficult.




Hi John,

Thanks for your thoughts. I've passed them along on your behalf to be used for future developments.




I, too, would like this feature, to be able to change the name of an email already sent.


Copyng the email and renaming the copy is not a solution as we would loose the reporting data and the ability to resend it to people added to the distribition list since it was sent last.


Thank you.




Thank you for your feedback.  I've added your comments into our UserVoice so our engineers will see it.  If it is possible to program this into our user interface, this may be a feature in a future release.  We only improve when people like you let us know their concerns, so a big thank you!


If you have any additional questions, or if you just need some help, please feel free to respond to this email with the details, or call our Support Team directly at (866) 289-2101. Our hours are Monday-Thursday 7am-11pm EST, Friday 7am-9pm EST,  Saturday & Sunday 10am-8pm EST.


Have a great day!

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We may have been too prescriptive in asking for a rename function. Since that appears too technically challenging for CC to accomplish in 2 years, I suggest an alternative:


When the customer copies a sent email, prompt the customer to rename it at that point.


Or add a name-editing field to the top of the design editing page, or any page for that matter.


Our complaint is not the lack of a rename function. Our complaint is the simple fact that we forget to use it, when it's briefly available, then the option is never again available. So help us remember. Easier?


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