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Cancel add-ons like Inbox Preview without calling billing

I was able to purchase the add-on inbox preview within seconds, of course because they will earn $10 extra from my account per month.  But in order to remove it I need to call billing.  I can understand calling billing to cancel the service but a simple add-on?  This is silly and set-up so people won't call.


This thread has been open to voting since 2018. This needs to be fixed. I am surprised this company hasn't been sued yet for allowing a non-authorized charge for reoccurring payments. I have just started using constant contact and have enjoyed it because of ease of access, but I am already looking into changing companies because of this shady way of doing business - it makes me question what other ways they may be using my information without me authorizing. 


Definitely make it simpler. Many other services allow you to go in and simply remove add-ons such as this by clicking in the 'change your subscription' area. Please add this.


this is the way how they can rip you off

Campaign Contributor

Total rip off.  I have called 3 separate times to remove this "add on" that I did not add - because you cannot change it online.  And then, the people that answer have to "transfer" you multiple places.  They just make it difficult for you - I tweeted once and did not follow through.


I disputed the charge with my credit card company for the last two now - and will do the rest of them since I called the first time.  Just crazy. 

Campaign Contributor

I called again, representative was very nice - as they usually are.  On the phone/hold for almost 20 minutes.  Said they would refund me within the next day or two.  But, I've heard that story before.


She said the last charge did not go through - I said, no-it didn't - because I told my credit card company to not allow it - since calling them doesn't work. 


It is a pain to change services, but that may be the only solution.  This is our last try!



Same here. I clicked by error just to see what is inbox preview and it was purchased !!!


I can't find how to cancel this 


😡Unbelievable that 2 years have passed and the development teams still doesn't finds a online way/process to cancel an add-on service.


Something as simple as not having this feature really makes Constant Contact look bad compared to their competitors. Really shady - making you call and keeping you on hold to cancel an add-on. Worth looking into different services.

Campaign Contributor

Yes, it does.  And I called FOUR TIMES and they still kept billing after nice assurances it would be fixed.  I finally had to change providers.  Really shady.


yes... there wasn't even a notification telling me i'm about to purchase something, just some button. I'm very furious and thinking i'm going to switch off of this site.

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