Cancellation of Prepaid Accounts

We are extremely dissatisfied with Constant Contact's no-refund policy, especially on accounts with a pre-paid balance. It makes no sense on a subscription based service to lose your unused balance once the service is no longer needed. Most reputable companies realize that services may not always be needed and customers come and go and may come back again. With your no-refund policy, we will never return to Constant Contact. We can not recommend your company and in fact will warn others about this policy. When we called your Billing Dept. to cancel, your representative had the audacity to state it would be better to cancel the account later, before the next invoice. How is this better for your customer? Think about it. If a customer no longer wishes to use your service, just honor it! Keeping the account open until the next invoice only serves to makes Constant Contact feel better, "earning" that remaining money. The reality is that your customer is left paying for nothing.
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Hi @FrankV61 thank you for sharing this feedback with us. We apologize for any inconvenience our refund policy may cause. We have however submitted this feedback directly to our Billing Support on your behalf. A member of this team will follow up with you directly. Thank you for having been our customer, we wish you the best with your marketing endeavors!

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