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I'm sure you are VERY aware of your terms and conditions which include no refund on cancelled accounts. You bumped up our billing significantly in the fall then auto billed me at a ridiculous increase. Lucky for you, unfortunate for me and perceived as very sneaky by you! I will cancel this account as soon as possible and will NEVER recommend your services to anyone. I'm a small business and would appreciate your consideration of reimbursement for cancellation. My recourse is to give you bad reviews when and wherever I can. Eventually, I hope, lack of users will cause you to change this condition or you will eventually go out of business. Angela Poujol 

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Hi @AngelaP774 we're sorry to hear you feel this way about our billing policies. We have however taken a look at your account and can see you were able to speak with our Billing Support about this experience. For your account security if you have any further questions on the billing of your account we suggest calling back into our Billing Department or responding directly to the email this team has sent you today.



I no longer wish to use your services. 

Can you cancel my subscription  immediately and effectively from today as there's no online option for me to do this. 




I have been trying to cancel my subscription for 3 months and I'm still not able to do so !

I have rang all the numbers listed in your site I'm still waiting to actually talk to a person not listen to a message of use Web chat .

It's frustrating. 

I only signed up to explore how to use this type of service. 

I actually haven't even sent an email using it.

Please please help it's costing me money and I have no use for the service. 


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