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I REALLY need to be able to add a caption under photos in our newsletters. The option of adding text on top of a photo is not a good option at all. The caption should be immediately beneath the photo in a stand alone text box. Also, it would be extremely helpful to be able to position a photo within an article anywhere within the photo -- not at the very top.

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We are updating the status of all ideas to hopefully provide better insight into where the issue is in the product pipeline. The status of this idea is being updated to Under Consideration meaning the request is known and there is a ticket in our product/engineering backlog for this item. Thank you for all the feedback so far.


You guys need to have a way to add captions AND the ability to wrap text around that caption and photo so I can have a paragraph, a photo and a caption all in one section. 


 Extremely annoying and baffling that Constant Contact took away the ability to insert a photo caption. Photo captions provide information to the newsletter reader and credit to the photographer. This one deficiency is preventing me from switching to the 3rd generation editor.

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Photo captions are no longer available for photos in the new editor. We'd like that option to be available in a future version of the new editor since we often add photos in line with body text and do not want to create a second column just for the caption to appear under the photo.


When writing a media announcement about a new hire I need a way to put the person's name and title directly UNDER their photo (not on it). There used to be a way to do it in the old editor but I cannot find it in the new one.  Same thing for an office photo - I need to label it directly under the photo. 


I am still using the legacy email. I feel like I have more control with that editor. I have been trying to design a new email and the thing I miss the most is not being able to put captions under pictures.


Yes, I always need an image caption!!  Ridiculous we cannot do this basic publication task!


Does anyone know if any of the other email services provide such "advanced" features as adding captions? I'm tired of this dumbed down version. 

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I add a new text under my image and then type in a caption.


Also the 3 image option provides a caption. Not sure why the others don't. But one can then delete those images one does not want leaving the one with the image. A bit of a work around but it can work. 

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Adding a text block under the image...have you found a way to make that work when your image is inserted in the text block for your text to run around? I don't think it's possible.

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No I have not found a way to add a caption under an image in a text block directly. One work around, admittedly awkward, would be to create your image with text under it. Then do a screen shot of that which gives you a new image including the caption. Then insert that new image where you need it. 

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