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There used to be this option in the old editor and it's gone now. We have found that many of our emails don't display correctly (especially in Outlook) as the formatting gets messed up. Spacing, for example. Having the option to clear formatting and re-insert all the customization and links tended to fix that problem. Now I have to start all over and go back to the Master Template and it's extremely cumbersome. I would really appreciate getting that feature back.

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This is a constant problem for myself and my cilents as well.  It would be helpful to have this feature back!

Status changed to: Voting Open



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Oh my goodness yes please!!!


Yes please x 1000!!!

Can you think about brining back the CLEAR STYLES? This is really helpful, I miss this feature from the older version. Thanks, Teresa
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no answer?


Hi @SlowFoodEE this tool was not originally included because our newer Third-Generation Editor handles pasted in text better. But it looks like there might still be some uses cases for it, which is information we're gathering through this thread. For now the workarounds we would suggest is to remove the problematic formatting of any text you're copying, pasting your text as plain text if you're working in Chrome, using the undo button when necessary, or even restyling your text. We recognize these are not solutions to this feature request, they are something we suggest in the meantime.

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

Clearing formatting can be done by cutting and pasting the text back in using CTRL+SHIFT+V. There are no plans at this time to include a button of this sort in the editor.

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