Click Through Metrics

While it's good to know what individuals clicked on a link, the overall tally of what links were clicked on is more important to me - i.e. the volume of clicks per link rather than the individuals. Perhaps there's a way to still see this. Overall, this new format is not as useful to me as previous.

Hi @CNGA thank you for sharing your feedback on this section of our reporting. The good news is you can still see the total count for each link rather than the individual count. If you're in your click reporting you will see a menu in the upper right hand corner that says "Clicked". Clicking on this menu will give you a drop-down where the option "Links" is listed. You can change that to "Links" to get the information you're looking for.


reporting-clicked-report-dropdown-links (1) (2) (1).png


Status changed to: Closed - No Action
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