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Collapsible paragraphs

We would love an option that allows for lengthy paragraphs to have a collapsible ability that had a "read more" button. I see that you have a button for "read more" but this links to a website. We would rather it collapse the text to "read more" button. Thank you, Carolin Wood at Cornerstone Fellowship

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Thanks for all of the feedback, this is a popular request. We are updating the status of this to Under Consideration while we look into the best way to implement this. This is a request we’ve been monitoring and considering. When you see this feature on websites, it is typically achieved with JavaScript which isn’t supported in most email inboxes. There are some other ways in which it could be implemented, but we would need to make sure it works as intended across all email clients. Some may not support the code required, which is why we haven’t been as quick to act on this. Additionally, linking off to a website via a hyperlink or button would generate click data which can be important for gauging interest and the ability to follow up with interested subscribers. One thing to consider is that collapsible sections wouldn’t allow for that same level of insight. We do see how it is useful from a design and layout perspective though.

We’ll keep this thread updated on any advancements.


Can I do this now or is it still not viable? 



Hi @Barakat_Arti. The Read More block will bring readers to an external link and we have not made any changes to this block to have it expand and show an entire article within the email. If there are any updates to share, we will comment on this thread. 

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Pleeeeeeeez develop a "read more" block with a collapsable paragraph instead of having to link to a web page.I'M NOT A PROGRAMMER! I send emails. Why force me to learn another skill set or use another platform or hire a programmer. Please fix this fault in your design.


What other platforms (beside Constant Contact) do folks use to achieve this? 

Brand Visionary

It's very annoying to not have a read more button. The solution is to attach a document to a "read more" link that has the full article. Unfortunately, that opens the new full-text document in the same window and the user loses the full newsletter unless they are intuitive enough to use the "back" button. 

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2-1/2 years later THIS IS STILL BADLY NEEDED.


Why so hard, CC?

Campaign Contributor

Amen. Please enable that feature!

I would welcome this feature, for sure!


This feature would really help us with our newsletters!


Would love an accordion option for FAQs or similar!!

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