Collect personal information through survey page

We will need to find another platform since you changed the survey tool. Missing:

Rate items on a scale
Skip question logic
Allow users to enter a comment
Contact block questions (collecting respondent information) w/ options to add to contact list or not)
Long text answers (500 limit current, compared to old 1000 character limit)
Landing / Closing pages

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This thread is only for feedback related to the collection of personal information through a survey page. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release. We've started to look into some options on our end to include a type of form that would collect personal information but there aren't any immediate plans to implement this in the product.



Since the original post, the option to rank answers either in order or on a scale is now available. We have active feature request threads for having the ability to include skip logicallow users to enter a comment, and edit the closing Thank You page. We ask those who come across this page to either comment or vote on these threads directly so your feedback is stored in the proper place. 

Marketing Legend

We have been using the legacy survey for a while now and we are sad not to see some functions on the new survey creation tools. The missing progress bar and page breaks - this was helpful to break up our survey in sections when we do the end-of-the-year surveys. Skip Logic - this was also helpful if a customer answered yes to bring them to a follow-up question and if no we directed them to the next important question so they would not have to scroll past the questions that didn't pertain to them. The ratings on a scale - the legacy version has a section you could say. "How would you rate the following statements..." and then under you could have multiple questions and only have one set of scale ratings (also the word you place in the scale rankings didn't get cut in odd sports like the new version). I also would love to see a drop-down box for the survey so customers can select a name from a drop-down menu to keep things looking neat and to keep scrolling too much.

Using the dividers and spacing blocks will not solve the situation, it just makes the survey look longer. With page breaks the person taking the survey can hit next to go to the next main category of the survey. For our annual survey, it would be since to have 3 separate pages so the survey doesn't feel so long.


Do we know if anything is being done to look into fixing the survey feature? It would be nice to know if there is a timeline or if these comments are being looked at and when these fixes might happen. Since these features were all in the legacy version of the survey.

Marketing Legend

Update: I talked with CC and was told that they will NOT be going back to the legacy features we all used and need. They are sticking with the new "improved" form. Years and years of being a customer mean nothing, sadly we are looking for a new program.

Marketing Legend

YOU ARE KIDDING ME. The response has been consistent - this new survey is terrible. Well, now I know we will migrate to another platform. Very sad.

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Yep! Completely ridiculous!!! I even asked if they are considering bringing the old survey back and having both an an option and was told know. I asked even though so many people have responded negatively? She repeated she's sorry for the inconvenience but they are staying with the new tool. 😡


I agree with all the responses above.  The new survey tool is klunky, and the loss of the Legacy survey features is detrimental for our company.  If the Legacy survey doesn't return, we most likely will change platforms.

Campaign Contributor

Constant Contact,  will the old Legacy Survey features be available again? Personal information capture and other features were vital to us. This has been going on for months and we are waiting. Our next event will be January and time is running out. Nothing on your new platform will work for us.


After 11 years on CC, This is very sad the legacy survey tool was excellent, the new tool is useless, now we can't even create a survey, the response exporting used to be very organized and easy to understand, now we don't see that feature, I think its time to look for other tools unless you restore all legacy functions in the new one,


I am running a contest using the new survey pages.  In the legacy version we could collect personal information such as name, email, address, etc.   That feature is no longer available.   Since it's a contest I need that information to fulfill the prizes.   


Being able to collect personal data in a survey seems like a basic requirement.   I'm not sure why it has been removed.  

I was able to fake it with open survey responses, but it would have been easier if I could have just plugged them in from the options.  

Please return this feature.  


Thank you


Pam East




I see that there are comments and feedback concerning the collection of personal information in survey's that go back to May 2021. There are responses saying this request is being processed and may be included in future updates, however, after talking with customer support today they informed this function has not been re-added. I use that function regularly and am sad to see it no longer exists. Hoping it returns soon so that we may utilize this survey tool again. 


Kind regards, 




After being a long time use of CC over 10 years, the new Survey tool could no longer meet out needs and we had to get a subscription to .   I contacted them back in May 2021 and they told me they were taking into consideration the contact information, logic, page breaks... some 10 months later nothing, and it appears from others comments they are not going to revise the survey to a usable tool.     It's also sad that they are now taking a fee from every registration made through the CC event system.    

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