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I signed up for a free account so I am able to send a weekly email to my student staff members. I chose this service because I thought it was more user-friendly than the competitors (MailChimp). I send about 4 emails every month. Last month, I had a limit of 100 emails. Now, I am only allotted ONE email. I also noticed that the number of contacts that I am able to email has been drastically decreased -- I can't even send my email to 15 people. I had to send it to myself and then forward it to my staff. The fact that ConstantContact is disabling and limiting my account features because I refuse to upgrade is infuriating. Please address this concern.
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The trial only lasts for 60 days. So you can either make a new email every few weeks and get a new trial account, bite the bullet and pay for a plan, or use a free service like mailchimp that is less customizable. Constant Contact should not have to cater to a user that has no plans to pay. Just be glad you have 60 days of free use. A lot of similar services don't offer that long, and some don't even allow a free trial. I understand your situation, but I feel that allowing 100 free emails and 60 free days seems like a fair arrangement

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Hi @CourtneyH123,


@DerekR859 is correct. Your free trial only lasts for 60 days, during which you can send to 100 total contacts. So if you had previously sent to 60 contacts, you would only be able to send to 40 more without needing to activate your subscription. After the 60 days your account will be disable automatically unless you decide to activate a subscription. If you do decide to activate your account you will be able to send an unlimited number of email campaigns to a number of contacts dependent on your subscription level. If you would like to see the cost of our different subscription levels, you can find that at If you have any further questions you can reach out to our support team. Their contact info can be found here:


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Rob L.

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