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Constant Contact is anything but 'constant'

While I absolutely love Constant Contact and all that I am able to do -- and I've been a member for at least 8 years -- the biggest daily frustration is my need to login every few minutes. I leave Constant Contact open throughout the day. I pop in and out constantly to add contacts, edit newsletters, etc.

I am login in on average 10 times a day.  I can leave the site for 10 minutes, come back, and I need to login again.

Here's an idea: When I login, leave it active until I log out. Surely that shouldn't be difficult.

Or perhaps change the 'time out' settings to one hour after someone leaves the site.

Constant Contact is anything but 'constant'. Perhaps it should be call Disruptive Contact because the system regularly interferes with my work schedule.   Fix that and you have one awesome site.

Campaign Collaborator

I've been part of Constant Contact for almost 10 years.  By biggest complaint: I pop in and out of Constant Contact throughout the day -- adding new contacts, working on e-newsletters, etc.  I regularly 'time out' and I need to login at least 10 times a day.

Surely, you can fix that.

"Constant Contact" is a misnomer. It's anything but 'constant'.  Maybe Occasional Contact or Timed Out Contact.


Recently we are receiving a message saying that we are being asked to login again and to contact CC if we see that message often. We see that message often. Your chat isn't available now (Sunday) so am posting it here.

Caroline Holder

Katonah Museum of Art

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @KeithK3341 what steps are you taking before you see this happen? What page in your account are you on?


Hi @KMA10536 what page in your account are you having this experience through?

Status changed to: Open Questions

I have been using this program for 5 years and sometimes, such as tonight, cannot log in to see how many have read my blog. Whatever "IMPROVEMENTS" have been made should be reversed immediately!


Brian Sheppard


P.S. This is all the rage among techies these days; same goes for aol


As I was writing this comment a popup asked how I liked the service and found what I was looking for.


Politely speaking, the service has gone way downhill  and I am very frustrated.

Marketing Legend

I've been a Constant Contact member since 2009, and I have the same issue. 

I pop in and out many times a day as well, and sometimes when I go back to the page, the message I was working on is open, so I start editing. When I try to save, it says I've been logged out. Logging in multiple times a day is a bit of a time waster. Is there any way to change the settings? If I'm the only one who uses this computer, logging me out "for security purposes" is unnecessary.


Campaign Collaborator

Has anyone found a fix for this issue!! I am CONSTANTLY (pun intended!) having to log back in after just a short time frame. I need to be able to have access! Can you please allow for someone to say logged in until they log out or to choose the length of time until it times out at least!! I can be actively working on a project and it will log me out and I loose everything I have completed. The 'Are you still working' pops up when I am in the middle of building an email and I have not been idle more than 2-3 minutes! Often I am forced to log back in at least 15 times a day! This is my biggest hardship with this platform!! Please if anyone knows how to fix this let me know!! Thanks!! 

Campaign Collaborator

This surprise logoff is an aggravating issue for me, also.  I encounter it most often when I am working on my newsletter.  I may have to switch to a different window (Chrome browser) to search online for an image or edit the content I pull into the newsletter via a blog post or in MS Word. Then I return to Constant Contact to apply my newsletter edits.  When I press "Save," I am often told there is some problem, and I hit my browser refresh button and am taken to the login page.  Maybe you could provide an offline client version that I can work on and upload my content once I have completed it?

Status changed to: Gathering Information

This issue has not been easily replicable for our teams. For account security, we will log out accounts that have been idle for 30 minutes. In order to best understand why this happens, we are requesting the following information: 


  • How long was the page idle? Was it less than 30 minutes?
  • What page were you on (creating a campaign, uploading contacts, etc)? If you have a URL, this can help as well.
  • Are there others who have access to the account that may have logged in?
  • Did you see any messaging when coming back?


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