Contact ReSubscribes: ALL USERS PLEASE READ!

I want to post this here in case any of you are in the same situation and use Shopify as your website platform: if a contact unsubscribes, then re-subscribes later through your website, Constant Contact DOES NOT re-subscribe them. Once ANY contact has unsubscribed, if they ever want to sign up again, you have to MANUALLY send them a re-subscribe email. Furthermore, you have NO way of knowing who is trying to re-subscribe because Constant Contact does NOT provide this information. I just "found" over 1,750 contacts who've tried to sign up for emails again and WERE NOT ADDED by Constant Contact when they subscribed again on my website. Nor did Constant Contact notify me. I only discovered this from customers emailing me asking about sales that they should've received emails for- verified as SUBSCRIBED on Shopify, yet still listed as "previously unsubscribed" on Constant Contact. After a chat with an advisor I learned that they will ALWAYS go back in unsubscribed even after resigning up on your website. I've missed THOUSANDS of dollars in sales from nearly 2,000 customers who wanted my emails again and CC did not re-subscribe them even though they signed up AGAIN on my website. Not only that, but once you do discover all of these contacts that were "imported but unsubscribed previously," there is NO way to send them all a Re-subscribe confirmation at once, it is manual, one at a time. Constant Contact you HAVE to do better than this! I've lost untold amounts of communication and revenue. You NEED TO LET CLIENTS KNOW ABOUT THIS!


Hi @RobertS387


Thanks for sharing your feedback on our resubscribe process. We apologize for any inconvenience this process may have caused as this is definitely not the experience we want our users to have. Because you are seeing this happen with our Shopify Integration, we would like to troubleshoot it further. In fact we ask that you please call into Support so you may be transferred to our Tier 2 support directly. One of these agents can help take a closer look at these contacts trying to resubscribe through your website.

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