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Before using your service I was with. For the first time using your service I missed a feature that  has that you don't. They have a star rating system for every subscriber based on the subscriber activity reading emails, clicks links etc. I wanted to clean out my list ideally removing inactive clients. I also wanted to send a special promotion to all of the 5 star clients because they are the most actively and likely to make an extra purchase. Is this something you could implement in the future? Thank you for your consideration, Josh

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @JoshB540, thanks so much for your feedback! That's definitely a cool feature and I'll be passing it along to our product developers. I'm also opening this idea up for voting so we others in the community can share their thoughts on it as well!

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

We introduced a "rating system" with the introduction of our Segment tool. There are pre-built segments that pull in "Most Engaged", "Somewhat Engaged", and "Least Engaged". We hope this helps when deciding how to approach and engage with your contacts!

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